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As close to 30 as I am 18.

OMG. This post is so late. I honestly kinda forgot about it. Enjoy!

This weekend was my birthday. Saturday to be exact (August 23). And in case you couldn’t figure out from the title, I’m 24. 🙂 And while I love birthdays, and think they are ALL important to celebrate like it’s your 21st, my birthday this year has been in the back of my mind not the front. A friend of mine actually asked why I hadn’t started my week long celebration yet. He questioned this because he hadn’t gotten any of my ridiculous snap chats. Thanks, Tyler :). Anyways, the reason it has been at the back of my mind, is because I was SOOOOO excited for my mom and dad to come to my house on Friday. When Mom got here, it meant shopping sprees to furnish my house and when dad got here, it meant my new bed that I’m in love with would finally be set up!

Knowing that my mom and dad would be coming, I really wanted to have most of my clothes moved. With that dumb closet project taking 3 days instead of one, that didn’t happen. I literally did a happy dance once I finished my closet. I finally had to give in and just do as much as I could at one time – and then I ran out of paint.

Friday, I went to lunch for world’s best mentor’s going away party. Cristen really deserves an entire blog post for herself, but I won’t bore all of you. Long story short, she’s responsible for my career. She was my chief of staff both legislative sessions I worked and introduced me to so many amazing people, including my current boss. And while I’ve detoured from our plan of me becoming a chief one day, I think she’s ok with it. 🙂 I can’t wait to plan a trip to California to visit her, and know she is going to turn California red! If anyone can do it, she is the girl! 🙂

So, anyways, back to my house. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but basically I had nothing left from college. A bed, a mattress, and some random things. Which means I get all new stuff! Mom and I planned to do Wal-Mart, Target, BB&B, and HEB for a grocery run. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have HEB – it’s the best. Loveee grocery shopping. Love cooking. Love baking even more. I knew that accomplishing all of this would be quite the task. Especially since I’m not really a “let’s browse around and explore our options.” I’m more of a “get **** done” kinda girl. Hence, why I think my house needs to be fully furnished in the first month. So, mom was warned (as if she didn’t already know what she was getting herself into). Wal-Mart = BAD PLACE TO SHOP. EVER. I’m not a total fan of kids. And I’m less of a fan of kids when they scream. And they seem to a. follow me around and b. be everywhere in WalMart. After a little while, I told Mom we had to get out of there. I just needed to leave that place. We luckily got most of the things we needed there. After, Wal-Mart we went to BB&B and grabbed a few things. I was after a certain bath rug and a Magic Bullet (love this thing), but ended up finding some rugs for the half bath, and SUPER cute bathroom decorations. Oh and a front door mat. 🙂

We then headed home to unload my car and help my dad set up my beds. My new bed had 238947034985039845 parts. Whoops, sorry, Dad. So, that one took a while to get set up. My old bed that is in the guest room was super simple. Couple of clicks and we were good to go. Oh, except that we were missing some bolts. Evidently, they got lost in the move from College Station to home. Dad then headed home to go be with his favorite child, Dooney. Jk. He had to work the next morning. Mom and I did a call ahead for dinner and had about 30 minutes to spare, so we did a Target run in between beds and dinner. After dinner, we headed to HEB. It’s like eh, 10 by now. And I was worn out. Just plain tired. But, we did it. We unloaded groceries when we got home and then I went to bed while my mom continued to be productive. Seriously, I wouldn’t have gotten half of the stuff done that we did, if she wasn’t here. She’s basically a saint.

I had a bridal shower for Anne, who’s wedding I’m in the weekend before my sisters, Saturday morning. i offered to bring ham and swiss quiches and had to make those Saturday morning. Trying out my new oven as I’m headed to a party with food was probably not the smartest thing I could have done. But, it worked in my favor. My oven works great. My mom was a rock star – again – and helped me make quiches and get out the door so i could make it on time.

I originally couldn’t figure out how to work my dishwasher though. As it turns out, dishwashers have light switches that have to be on for them to work. Who knew?!

Saturday night, my actual birthday, I went to dinner at Las Fuentes with my family and then went to Midtown with Stephanie and Bern. Kathryn and Haley joined the party too for a bit. I even got to hang out with Lenee when she wasn’t working! yay! 🙂 That night ended like any birthday should, and that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

Be looking for a more current blog post coming soon. I’ve made some good progress on my house 🙂

xoxo jenn


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happy adoptiversary, levi garrett!


Today is this sweet boys unofficial adoptiversary!

Today is also his least favorite day of the year – opening day of dove season…


When I went to college 6 years ago, I didn’t plan to have a dog and left Lexi at home with my mom. Our neighbor left Levi when they moved out. He was completely matted and everyone shoo’ed him away when he came up to greet you when you got out of the car because he was pretty nasty. When they left him, my heart just couldn’t leave this dog without any care. (Not that he was getting any before that.) I went to Wal Mart and bought a $6 bag of dog food and a couple of bowls for food and water. I decided that I would try to find him a home and knew that I would need to clean him up a bit. I cut his matted hair and then Bobby Joe, one of our other neighbors on the street, and I gave him a bath. I will never forget that first bath! He wouldn’t get in the bath tub (yes, I gave him one inside) so Bobby Joe had to pick him up and put him in! After that, he was much better to maintain. I kept asking around if anyone wanted him, gave him the name Levi (actually Holly did), and bought him a bed for outside. He was kind of a community dog in that if I was gone for the weekend someone, usually Brian (another neighbor – we had some awesome people at Risky’s!), would come feed him for me. He was just the sweetest boy. Slowly, I started giving in. Ok – he can come inside when we get home from work, but he has to sleep outside. Ok – he can sleep inside. Ok – he can just stay inside all the time. Thanksgiving 2008 – sealed the deal that he was mine for good. I was going to be gone 5 days (since the A&M game was at t.u. that year) and no one would be there to feed him. I called and asked my parents if I could bring him home. They said yes. 6 years later, I couldn’t ask for a better dog to have rescued. He’s the sweetest, brattiest, most rotten dog you’ll ever meet.

I love everything about this momma’s boy – from his early morning belly rubs, stealing whatever food he wants off the counter in his stealth mode, to him giving me the forget you look when I asked if he wanted to come back to college with me or really anything I want him to do that he doesn’t want to do, getting loose at the sale barn in Navasota when Brittney and dad tried to swap him for the weekend, having to switch cars with mom because he wouldn’t get out of my truck (literally he would switch sides of the seat), being the laziest “cow dog” you’ll ever find, sneaking off to the pond to go for a swim at the most inconvenient times, barking and pawing at you when he doesn’t get his way, his love of rawhides and his pickiness that he likes flavored ones better than regular, his precious head tilt, that ridiculous undercoat that he hates getting brushed out, and laying down to eat his food. I could go on and on and on. Oh and his smile 🙂

You will always be my #mcm, momma’s boy, sweet baby, number one man in my life, and my precious levi garrett.

Love you, sweet boy! 🙂 

PS – I’ll have a petsmart bag next time I come home.

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Homeowner Fail #1: White doesn’t have shades!

So, everything with the house has gone great so far. Yesterday, not so much. 

The one big project I need to finish before my parents come on Friday is painting my closet. I really lucked out because the previous owners left the extra paint meaning i wouldn’t need to purchase any for the laundry room, pantry or closet. So, I thought. I told myself I HAD to finish this project yesterday, because I need to seal my shelves before moving things in, which I was hoping to be on Thursday while I was waiting for my washer and dryer to be delivered. 

While the other two rooms turned out great, or at least I think so, my closet was a disaster. First, it was late when I started. The pantry went so smoothly so I had complete confidence in myself. I get the ______ white paint out of the garage and put the first coat on. I noticed it seemed a bit “not white” but couldn’t pin point it, thinking if it says white it has to be white. WRONG. It is LIGHT GREEN. So I gave it a chance to dry. IT DRYS DARKER. I spent way too much time debating on if it was too dark or not, all while still painting the trim of all things. Not the most brilliant idea I had, I know. Now, I get to go back and repaint it white. 


Rant over. I’ll get over it one day, but not today. Or tomorrow. Or until all of my clothes and shoes are hiding the stupid white walls that are currently green. 


Yes, this pic is via snapchat. I have a ghetto phone camera.


jenn – who has now completed her first homeowner fail. 😦

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Turning a House into a Home: Let the process begin.

So, now for a fun house post as I wait to AT&T to install U-verse an hour behind schedule…

Thursday night before signing, I did a final walk through. Oh, the things you discover when everything is out of the house. Like there’s only a quarter round on part of the front entry…and the closet, pantry and laundry room have scuffs everywhere. And the paint job upstairs is less than stellar.

After the walk through, I had a list of projects I need to accomplish before moving all of my stuff over. AKA Friday when my parents come. 

  1. Paint bedroom and baseboards
  2. Paint the laundry room
  3. Paint the pantry
  4. Paint my closet
  5. Seal my kitchen cabinets
  6. Clean the baseboards in the downstairs
  7. Clean the refrigerator
  8. Clean out and line cabinets

As you might remember me saying, I was really glad I found an updated house that didn’t require me to do any work other than aesthetics. Once I found the house, I couldn’t wait to start decorating it. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do my bedroom in – grey, white, and pink. Super girly, super me. 🙂 The rest of the house? NO IDEA. So, I just went with it and just decided to pick things as I went.

Knowing that I’d have to paint my bedroom to make it exactly what I wanted, I called in on my two best helpers – Brittney and Stephanie. My conversation with Stephanie was quite amazing – turns out, she didn’t have anything better to do than paint my house. 😉 My sister is AMAZING at free handing trim. Me, I can roll like it’s going out of style. (They see us rollin’, they hatin’. Totally just kidding. But we did sing that a couple of times). And, Stephanie, she rolls and paints baseboards like Picasso.

Lucky for me (and them really), I like the color of the common areas so I am holding off on painting those until I have more of a decoration lead on them. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have come if we had to do more than we did.

Anyways, Friday after I signed my life away the papers, I went to Bouquets and we had lunch. Then, Uncle Looch and I went to Lowe’s to get paint supplies and samples. Trip 1 of 4 for the weekend under my belt – check. I picked two colors of grey. One I thought I’d like and then a darker one. After that trip was over, Aunt Steph and I headed down to the house to put colors on the wall. Uncle Looch was headed there after he dropped Murphy off for his staycation, since they are in Cabo San Lucas right now. Jerks. 😉

I ended up picking the paint I thought I would. Guess I know myself pretty well after 24 years minus 8 days. Once I picked the color, Aunt Steph and I headed to Home Depot for trip #2 to purchase the actual paint.

In order to get to my house, you turn by a Shop & Carry Convenience store. I live exactly 1 mile from the best shopping center here in Austin. I have everything I need (except HomeGoods) in there. There’s kinda a joke that the Shop & Carry is where I’ll do all of my beer runs. So, when Uncle Looch was on his way over, he stopped at the Shop & Carry to get the first beers for my house! 🙂 What kind? Dos Equis, duh. We couldn’t wait for Stephanie and Brittney so we had the first celebratory beers before they got here. Then, another when they did get here!


First beers in the new house!


Celebratory Prosecco at Winflo Friday night!


Saturday morning started out with me and Stephanie taking Aunt Steph and Uncle Looch to the airport. Then we went home to get Brittney to go to the lake to run. Luckily, it was too packed and so we went to Juan in a Million for breakfast tacos instead. Fair trade I think.


After breakfast, we got busy with my bedroom. Finished everything except the baseboards. Got most of the laundry room done – just had the trim to finish. Didn’t start the pantry or the closet.


We did a dang good job on my walls and baseboards! I am so in love with it!


This one still has the tape on it, but gives another angle. Love love love my room. Can’t wait to see it totally set up!

After we did that, we took a break for the fun stuff – SHOPPING!!!!

First stop. Best Buy for a tv. First problem – cute sales boy, Tyler, and we look ROUGH. He’s showing me tvs and I pick one; a Samsung 50” Smart TV. Then he asks what kind of mount I want – flat or tilted. Umm, sorry what kind of mount? For the tv? My mind went straight to the gutter and so did the giggling girls (Steph and Britt) behind me! Anyways, Steph and Britt were hoping I’d get a date, but I’m pretty sure this poor kid just wanted to get rid of us!

Second stop was for the most important appliance – my keurig! I need a sign that says “Coffee addict – please don’t talk to me before cup 2”! In between getting my tv and loading it is when I got my keurig. So when they went to load my tv, I noticed there wasn’t the mounting piece. After all of that, I forgot the freaking wall mount and have to go face this cute boy again and talk about mounting?! Oh well, gotta do whatcha gotta do. Unfortunately, he was on his break so I didn’t get to see his adorable face again. Luckily, he has my name and phone number from my purchase. Maybe one day he’ll call. 😉

We went back to the house, unloaded my tv and keurig and then started back north. On our way home, we stopped at World Market. I realllllllllllllllly want to do 2 patterned chairs in my living room, but I REFUSE to pay a fortune for them. Friday night, Aunt Steph found a super cute patterned ottoman on the World Market website so I wanted to see if they had chairs in store. Of course not, but they did have some super cute stuff.

After World Market, we detoured to Banana Republic because Brittney had a coupon and needed to use it that weekend. we had awesome customer service from another Tyler. We just decided we liked all Tylers that weekend!

On our way home, Steph googled Pier 1 and they, too, were out of my chair budget. I knew I wanted to go to HomeGoods so we made a last minute stop there. CHA CHINGGG! I hit the jackpot. Got 2 chairs, sheets, pillows for my bed, and throw pillows. WINNING.

Now, to the couch – something else I refuse to spend a lot of money on. Oh, and dinner. We wanted to watch the Texans vs. Falcons game because my best friend who plays for the Texans (Hunter #66) and another guy from high school were playing each other (Bartu #59). We decided earlier on Pluckers for dinner. Originally we were going to shop, shower, then dinner. But shopping took our shower time so we got food to go. The Rooms-to-Go is RIGHT next to Pluckers so we picked out my couch in about 20 minutes. (I knew pretty much what I wanted there.) Only requirement is that is has to be good for napping, because napping is important in my life. Then we got our food, went home, ate, and crashed while watching the Texans game. Sorry, I missed your sack, David. Still love you and am proud of you though! 🙂

After a good nights rest, Sunday we got up early and ate at Kerbey Lane. I was sad knowing that Britt and Steph had to head out kinda early in the day. We had to finish the baseboards in my room, finish the laundry room, seal the cabinets and do the pantry.

Brittney and Stephanie did my room and Brittney finished the laundry room since it was the ceiling and she is the trim queen. I started sealing cabinets and touching up the laundry room. After they finished my baseboards, it was pretty much time for them to go. We went and ate lunch then they were on their way. 😦

I definitely could not have accomplished as much as I did this weekend without them!

After they left, I went home and took a nap then went back south for a couple of hours. I found out that my watering day is Sunday (yes, we are on rationed water) and my trash day is Monday. So, I for sure had to go back and do those things. I finished sealing the cabinets, put the gloss on my laundry room shelf, pulled weeds, and watered the grass. I now know why pulling weeds is a chore. It takes way longer than you think!

Also, while pulling weeds, I met my neighbor! She is so nice and I’m so happy that I have a nice couple next to me! When I finished those things, I headed home and passed out!


Today, I had an appointment to have AT&T set up my U-verse as I mentioned earlier. It was just supposed to take a couple of hours. I was hoping to make it by Home Depot (again) to get a roller brush so I could do my closet while the tech was doing U-verse. Well, I was running late (anyone see a theme in my life?) and didn’t have the chance to. Oh, and he stayed until 5:15 p.m. So much for a 2 hour appointment. 

Well, no worries. I got my Keurig set up, cleaned the frige and freezer, finalized sealing my cabinets, put the second coat of gloss on my laundry room shelf, got the first and second coats of paint in my pantry, put the gloss on my pantry shelves.


Pantry shelf before paint.


Pantry shelf after paint.

So, now all I have to do before I can officially move in is clean baseboards and the big thing PAINT MY CLOSET. I have to do this tomorrow. MUST DO IT.

I have tv and internet. No tvs connected yet, but I have capability. 

Also, I finally got to show off my house to a friend. Thanks for coming by, Ilissa! 🙂

Sorry this is such a long post. I’ve been a busy, busy homeowner! Haha. Still like that I can say that! I can’t wait until I can start putting up pictures of finished products!!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous night! It’s time for me to watch Johnny Football BTHO the Redskins!


Go browns!







Home Sweet Home <3: The Chase.

Well, it’s official! As of Friday, August 15 at about 11:15 a.m., I am a homeowner!! AHHHH! I am so excited for this journey! 

This post is all about the buying process. More posts to follow. 

First, I had the MOST WONDERFUL house buying experience. I can’t imagine it going any more perfectly. My realtor, Ellen Troxclair from Keller Williams, the entire team at Modern Mortgage, and First American Title, were so helpful and professional and kind. I could just go on and on about them. I highly suggest them if you are buying in the Austin area. I am forever grateful for all of their help throughout the process!

Mid/Late June, I decided that I was just about ready to buy. I contacted Ellen, who is also a coworker from my time at the Capitol, (and the best realtor ever!!) to start the process. I had NO idea what I wanted other than a house, 3 bedroom, at least 2 bath, preferably 2.5 bath. No preference on a new construction or existing house. As with a lot of places right now, the market is a seller’s market. I saw a house via my MLS search that was the first one I felt the need to go look at. Luckily, I have a very flexible job, so we set up a time for us to go look. While it wasn’t the one, I had a little more of an idea of how it would go. Found things I didn’t think would be important to me, that actually were. House buying is a weird, fun process. 

After I started “liking” a few houses on MLS, Ellen and I set up a time to go start looking. Luckily, my mom was in town so she was able to go with me. There was one house that I kinda had the feeling that it could possibly be the one. But there was just something in my gut that wouldn’t allow me to fall in love just yet. I had the feeling it was too good to be true. It was newly built, had been updated, one of the bigger houses I looked at, not at the top of the price range of the houses I had looked at. All things that are good. And the updates were ones I liked meaning I wouldn’t have to do much if any! The day we looked, we had 7 houses to see. I told Ellen that I had a feeling about that one but was holding back. It just happened to be the last one we would see that day. It was weird – there was no offer deadline on the house, no current offers. It has a stone retaining wall behind the house and I didn’t know what it backed up to. I thought it had to be something bad.

It wasn’t. It was perfect. That afternoon, I had an offer in. And 2 days later we had a deal. OMG. I JUST AGREED TO BUY A HOUSE. Then comes in all the things that happen in between. Ellen got me a 10 day option period. The whole time I wish I listened to her advice and taken a video of the house so I would remember what it looked like for sure! I never really panicked, but the financial information disclosure is horrifying! and scary. So much for privacy. In all seriousness, I had the BEST mortgage company, Modern Mortage. They are amazing and I highly suggest them! They made the process so completely easy for me. Never did I feel stressed out or pressured while trying to get everything done, but they definitely made sure I stayed on top of things! 

The weekend between signing the contract and my 10 day option period was 4th of July weekend. Thankfully, my sister and mom planned to come up to Austin to do wedding flowers that weekend and they, along with my aunt and uncle, got to help me confirm that it was perfect before the 10 days were up. 

After the 10 days, it was just a long waiting process. I thought it was NEVER going to get here! I was/am SO happy that I didn’t build! I would be worlds most impatient person during that process! 

I closed on Friday and finally got to meet Heather from Modern Mortgage. Such a sweet person! I was a little terrified of this because everyone says it is a lot of signing. I woke up Friday morning feeling the most nervous I have felt since the option period was up. Making the offer and accepting was definitely the most stressful. Of course, there was a wreck on Mopac that caused me to be late. When I got there, I saw the stack of papers, but didn’t get overwhelmed. Started signing then learned you have to sign your WHOLE name. LIKE MIDDLE NAME INCLUDED. And initialing with my middle initial is annoying because it doesn’t flow so I have to pick up the pen after every letter. #divaprobz. Anyway, I did just fine until the last page. When they said it was the last page, my stomach sank. That is when it all became real and I couldn’t back out. I signed the last line and all was done. I was then a homeowner. 🙂 

Today, I have the fullest, most grateful heart. I wouldn’t be a homeowner if it wasn’t for my parents making sure I didn’t have student loans, my aunt and uncle who let me live rent free for 2 years, and so many more people for the encouragement along the way. 




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MAID OF HOTNESS: Social Media Edition + a small rant.

Social media. The oh so addicting, aspect of life that everyone wants to hate but just can’t. We all try to deny that our lives don’t revolve around it, but let’s be real here. My high school class probably won’t even need a high school reunion thanks to Facebook. JUST KIDDING – I’m not doing the planning though!

Recently, social media has taken on a whole new role in weddings. Hopefully, not your marriage, but definitely in your wedding 🙂 With the rise of the #hashtag, it has become the battle of who can be the most creative. The trick is finding something that hasn’t been used before and likely won’t be used again. For example, #smithpartyof2 probably isn’t a good hashtag because I’m sure there have already been and will be more Smith’s getting married. Hashtags are used to search for posts. So, when I go and search Brittney and Blake’s wedding hashtag, I will be able to see pictures of them, their guests, and candid wedding photos. Hopefully, some will be of someone gettin’ cray on the dance floor! Luckily, Facebook caught on with Instagram and Twitter.

We, ok my Aunt Steph and I, took this to heart. WE MUST HAVE A CREATIVE HASHTAG. It cannot be boring. It took us forever to decide on even some options. We had some good leads because Brittney and Blake have the same initials “BMB”. (Lucky, lucky girl that her monogram won’t change!) From BMB, we decided on something with bomb. After much debate, we decided on #itsthebmb. Like “it’s the bomb”. Awesome, everyone likes it, not likely to be used again, not too long. Put it on the engagement party signs. Had the engagement party. Hashtagged everything. Nope, we don’t like that. It doesn’t really make sense. It says nothing about them. So, we have FINALLY decided on….(drum roll please)

(please note the lowercase and no apostrophe are super important here) 

because, really, they are the bomb 🙂

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And don’t forget to #hashtag at any wedding festivities you may attend! 🙂 Her crazy, obsessive sister will greatly appreciate it. And won’t have to go onto all of your posts and do it for you hehe.

Next up, the website. I love wedding websites. I am THAT person that reads every single word. I also love websites that are fun and really give you a glimpse into the couple. They are, of course, seriously limited in layouts, but you can give some great personality through words! Anyways, we had a lot of fun drafting and editing the text because you get to reminisce on how the couple met, their engagement…all the fun things! I highly suggest you go read their wedding website! I’m not putting that on blast, but if you want to know message me and maybe I’ll give it to you! 🙂

RANT – Ladies, at no point is it appropriate for you to show up in white or ivory to a wedding function that is not yours. I cannot believe how many people I see wearing it to someone else’s engagement party, wedding shower, or even wedding! Let the bride have her day and be the center of attention. You’ll get yours one day or you may have even already had it! NO WHITE OR IVORY! Period. Unless you are kim kardashian and ask your guests to wear all white which was the stupidest thing ever. Anyone notice the tabloids are talking about her wedding to Kanye with pics of her wedding to Kris Humphries? Ok, maybe I need to get a life. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got the week off to a great start! 🙂


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Whew! Well, it’s July 31. WAIT. WHAAT? Seriously? Already July 31. Meaning tomorrow is August. Wowzas. July absolutely flew by. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I traveled 20 days straight of the month, plus some other days.

I feel like I have abandoned my blog and my best friend even mentioned that I haven’t had a post in a long time. For that, I apologize.

I feel like SO much wedding stuff has happened since the last post.

We got the Save the Dates featuring Penny out, ordered bridesmaids dresses, did the floral design process with my Aunt Steph at Bouquets of Austin, started registries, and started lining out all of the details.

I wish I could tell y’all about any of those things, but then there wouldn’t be any surprises for the wedding! Hehe I can tell you about the experiences though!

Save the Dates were conveniently done on Father’s Day. Reminding my sweet daddy-o (another blog post for another day) how much we love him and spending his money. 😉 just kidding. We are extremely grateful for all the hard work our parents have done to make sure we have more than enough in life. And now, they are grateful we’re both off the expenses list. 🙂 All I have to say is thank goodness for custom stamps. My hand would not have lasted if we had to write the return address also! 275 addresses is a lot! Thankfully, we had the help of Blake’s mom and my Granny. Mom was busy cooking 🙂 Once we got done, we realized that we weren’t using the final list. Whoops. So there were more to be done later.

Bridesmaid dresses. We had already been once to look, but went to a new shop where we actually ordered them from. I, of course, was hungover. It was Bernadette’s birthday, and we all know how I feel about birthdays! Anyways, this time Brittney, Courtney, Regan, my mom, Courtney’s mom Dana (my mom’s BFF), and I went to Bella Bridesmaid in Houston and had a spectacular experience (We missed you, Ashley). Jessica was our sales person and I highly recommend her. She was great! And fun. And she met my one requirement, all bridesmaids must be able to drop it to tha flo without flashing any body parts at the reception! 🙂 Then we went to some restaurant (the big red cock, i think) and drank.

Flowers. They’re always my favorite. My aunt is spectacular. We spent quite some time on this. Enough time for Penny to pass out on the table. I cannot wait for everyone to see the church and the KC Hall.

Penny passing out on the table. Flowers are hard work!

REGISTRIES. They are as fun as the movies make them out to be! Luckily, I have a soon-to-be BIL who doesn’t really care about the girly stuff. 🙂 As long as there’s a spectacular toaster oven, he is good to go! With that being said, my mom and I got to go with Brittney to set up registries. Brittney has been so methodical about her registering. I have a feeling I’ll be the person that just scans EVERYTHING and then goes back and takes stuff off. So, in the event I ever find someone to marry me and you see I have 30 sets of China or crystal on my registry, don’t think I’m being a brat. I’m just indecisive. 🙂 I’ll try to have it lined out before showers get close. 😉

You can check out their registries at Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Details. OMG. There are so many more than you think there will be! And we aren’t even DIY-ing too much! As, I put my dates for different happenings this fall on the calendar, and they all filled up, I realized that I do not have ANY downtime this fall! The should be amazing though!

All in all, I cannot wait for November 22! I’m getting so excited! Hope y’all have had an amazing summer.