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1 year ago today, I made my first “big girl” purchase – my car! A pearl, 2013 Ford Edge to be named Marilyn. (shout out to Kathryn for helping me name her!)


I had no idea that in one short year, your life would so closely resemble the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe. 3 months in, we took out a 55-gallon, plastic barrel on 290 breaking every piece of your front end, shortly followed by running over more things on 290, including a piece of plywood and something that got stuck underneath that only let go because I hit ANOTHER hole on 290. Lets not forget the hail damage from a trip in April to Salado where there are no coverings or overpasses even because 35 is under construction. Or scraping your wheel on the curbs. Oh, and the cracked windshield this summer.

And how in the world could I forget the TWO speeding tickets I got?! Thanks to the two defensive driving courses I’ve taken, I’m sure to be the most knowledgeable driver in Texas. (Notice, I did not say safest. What can I say, I inherited my Mother’s heavy right foot!)

None of these things overshadow the fun we’ve had on all of our many road trips together, though! From friends picking me up after crazy nights out, to gambling in Louisiana, football season in College Station, San Antonio, the numerous trips to Houston where I feel like I’m torturing you with how terrible the roads are, there’s no telling all the stories you would tell if you could talk!

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, MARILYN! Can’t wait for our next adventure!




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