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MAID OF HOTNESS: Throwing out everything, including the kitchen sink…

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and by “throwing everything out” I don’t mean we’re starting over (Praise Jesus). It means I’m catching you up on EVERYTHING we’ve been up to!

So last time I posted, invitations were being addressed. Now, they’re out. THE INVITATIONS ARE OUT! SO CRAZY. The RSVPs have started coming in and we’re all starting to get super excited. And nervous. And stressed. We are LESS than ONE MONTH until they said “I DO!”. Holy smokes! This year (minus 12 days to be exact) have absolutely flown by! Don’t forget about the RSVP deadline that’s coming quickly! And don’t think “they know you’re coming” because they don’t. Unless you RSVP. And if you don’t RSVP and show up, you eat last, and better pray there is some left! 🙂 Kinda kidding, kinda not. Just please RSVP people. It’s online so we made it about as easy as possible!

Since the last post, we’ve had the bridal shower and the couples shower. Both were so cute! Her bridal shower was kitchen themed and she got lots of goodies. I’m so glad because I can now officially get her hand-me-downs! 🙂 The couples shower was “guns & roses” themed. There was a skeet shoot, of course. I’ve posted a few pictures below for everyone to see!


Cupcakes made by Kasie Christman!


Just some of the decorations! By Courtney Bielski I believe!


Because no couple’s shower in Texas is complete without guns. 🙂


Brittney, Blake and Hostesses


Bride and groom to be!


Wedges + guns = Don’t mess with texas women 🙂

Lately, I’ve just been planning the bachelorette party. Making sure EVERYTHING is thought about and starting to be executed. I’m lucky to have a bestie that is taking the day off to come help me decorate the day before. I will have an entire blog post on the bachelorette party after it happens. I can’t promise it will be soon after it happens, so don’t hold your breath on it. It’s only 2 weeks before the wedding and the week in between the two, I’m in another wedding!

In other wedding news, I ordered some GORGEOUS Badgley Mischka’s for the ceremony. They’re supposed to be sparkly gold. FAIL. JUST FAIL. They are silver. I now have to return them. So sad. But, good news. I found some seriously amazing Bandolino’s at Macy’s this weekend!

Brittney and Penny came to Austin this weekend. We both finally had a free weekend! We needed to do the programs and the place that the invitations came from is here in Austin so it just worked out that we could accomplish some other things while she was here.  So, we got programs, my shoes, Penny’s first trip to Kendra Scott (see adorable pictures below), Yappy Hour hosted by BarkBox and Tito’s vodka, lining out details for the week of, delicious breakfast cooked. We also picked out our reception shoes. Because when you don’t spend as much on ceremony shoes you get new reception shoes too! 🙂

Penny and her momma!

Penny and her momma!

Once a Kendra dog, always a Kendra dog!

Once a Kendra dog, always a Kendra dog!

Modeling Aunt Jenn's new rose gold and champagne druosy necklace!

Modeling Aunt Jenn’s new rose gold and champagne druosy necklace!

Princess Penny models her statement necklace!

Princess Penny models her statement necklace!

I can’t believe it all comes to life in just 26 days! See y’all there!





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