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So, of course, last night after I posted, I remembered things that I should have put in my post.

First, and foremost, we picked up our bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding! EEEK. They are so gorgeous and I can’t wait for everyone to see them!

Second, my house smells delicious. My sister got me this amazing candle from Bath and Body Works. If you haven’t been there to check out their fall scents. DO. IT. NOW. You won’t regret it. Thanks, Brittney!

Tonight, I went to Petsmart, Walgreens for things I forgot at the grocery store, cooked dinner and cleaned. This weekend is Pugsleigh’s 2nd birthday, so obviously she needed a toy. And Levi’s adoptiversary just passed. And you know, I can’t leave the others out! 🙂 I’ll be making birthday cake again this weekend!

For dinner tonight, I made spaghetti with spaghetti squash and ground turkey. It was really good and super easy! You should try it. I would have had salad, but I make homemade ranch (thanks, Uncle Looch!) and I forgot milk at the grocery store and Walgreen’s today. I’m not going back to the grocery store until Sunday so my lettuce will probably be bad by then. Joy. I hate wasting money. Oh and I just realized I need mayo too. #foodfail

I cleaned bathrooms. I broke a sweat. That has to be the worst chore ever. Especially toilets. Except that Clorox has made handy wand things with the cleaning stuff in them that you can throw away. Can Clorox please make those for the shower? I’d greatly appreciate it. Oh, and my bathroom has granite. And a stand alone shower. I used about 245 different cleaning products for my bathroom alone. Bathroom cleaning will be my go to punishment if I ever have heathens kids. On top of that, made pigs in the blankets for breakfast tomorrow, cleaned my kitchen, and washed the sheets on the guest bed. Which means, I need visitors!

Oh, and girls, need a reason/reminder to take off your makeup at night so you don’t get wrinkles? Get white sheets. When you wake up with an outline of your face on your pillow, you remember veryyyyy quickly.

As most of you have probably noticed, I’m blonde. Platinum blonde pretty much. I love it. Butttt, this means your hair is super dry. So, I’ve been trying to wash my hair less. Well, I think I’ve taken it too far. When 2 times in the same week, that just happen to be the days I washed my hair, people ask if I’ve gotten my hair done because it looks good, probably means I should wash it more frequently. Woops. 🙂 Do these people know how much work my hair is!? It doesn’t magically become dry and straight!

Most exciting, my rug gets delivered tomorrow!! Well, supposed to! I just got the shipping notification so if it arrives in one day, I am going to be SOOOOO excited! Slowly, but surely, one piece at a time, it is all falling into place.

It’s 10 pm and Chelsea Lately should be on. I miss that dang show. It was hilarious.

Anyways, I need to go to bed. Gym tomorrow morning. #girlswholift is the most ridiculous hashtag ever.

Oh and go read my post from last night because not enough of you did! 🙂

xoxo jenn


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