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OMG. This post is so late. I honestly kinda forgot about it. Enjoy!

This weekend was my birthday. Saturday to be exact (August 23). And in case you couldn’t figure out from the title, I’m 24. 🙂 And while I love birthdays, and think they are ALL important to celebrate like it’s your 21st, my birthday this year has been in the back of my mind not the front. A friend of mine actually asked why I hadn’t started my week long celebration yet. He questioned this because he hadn’t gotten any of my ridiculous snap chats. Thanks, Tyler :). Anyways, the reason it has been at the back of my mind, is because I was SOOOOO excited for my mom and dad to come to my house on Friday. When Mom got here, it meant shopping sprees to furnish my house and when dad got here, it meant my new bed that I’m in love with would finally be set up!

Knowing that my mom and dad would be coming, I really wanted to have most of my clothes moved. With that dumb closet project taking 3 days instead of one, that didn’t happen. I literally did a happy dance once I finished my closet. I finally had to give in and just do as much as I could at one time – and then I ran out of paint.

Friday, I went to lunch for world’s best mentor’s going away party. Cristen really deserves an entire blog post for herself, but I won’t bore all of you. Long story short, she’s responsible for my career. She was my chief of staff both legislative sessions I worked and introduced me to so many amazing people, including my current boss. And while I’ve detoured from our plan of me becoming a chief one day, I think she’s ok with it. 🙂 I can’t wait to plan a trip to California to visit her, and know she is going to turn California red! If anyone can do it, she is the girl! 🙂

So, anyways, back to my house. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but basically I had nothing left from college. A bed, a mattress, and some random things. Which means I get all new stuff! Mom and I planned to do Wal-Mart, Target, BB&B, and HEB for a grocery run. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have HEB – it’s the best. Loveee grocery shopping. Love cooking. Love baking even more. I knew that accomplishing all of this would be quite the task. Especially since I’m not really a “let’s browse around and explore our options.” I’m more of a “get **** done” kinda girl. Hence, why I think my house needs to be fully furnished in the first month. So, mom was warned (as if she didn’t already know what she was getting herself into). Wal-Mart = BAD PLACE TO SHOP. EVER. I’m not a total fan of kids. And I’m less of a fan of kids when they scream. And they seem to a. follow me around and b. be everywhere in WalMart. After a little while, I told Mom we had to get out of there. I just needed to leave that place. We luckily got most of the things we needed there. After, Wal-Mart we went to BB&B and grabbed a few things. I was after a certain bath rug and a Magic Bullet (love this thing), but ended up finding some rugs for the half bath, and SUPER cute bathroom decorations. Oh and a front door mat. 🙂

We then headed home to unload my car and help my dad set up my beds. My new bed had 238947034985039845 parts. Whoops, sorry, Dad. So, that one took a while to get set up. My old bed that is in the guest room was super simple. Couple of clicks and we were good to go. Oh, except that we were missing some bolts. Evidently, they got lost in the move from College Station to home. Dad then headed home to go be with his favorite child, Dooney. Jk. He had to work the next morning. Mom and I did a call ahead for dinner and had about 30 minutes to spare, so we did a Target run in between beds and dinner. After dinner, we headed to HEB. It’s like eh, 10 by now. And I was worn out. Just plain tired. But, we did it. We unloaded groceries when we got home and then I went to bed while my mom continued to be productive. Seriously, I wouldn’t have gotten half of the stuff done that we did, if she wasn’t here. She’s basically a saint.

I had a bridal shower for Anne, who’s wedding I’m in the weekend before my sisters, Saturday morning. i offered to bring ham and swiss quiches and had to make those Saturday morning. Trying out my new oven as I’m headed to a party with food was probably not the smartest thing I could have done. But, it worked in my favor. My oven works great. My mom was a rock star – again – and helped me make quiches and get out the door so i could make it on time.

I originally couldn’t figure out how to work my dishwasher though. As it turns out, dishwashers have light switches that have to be on for them to work. Who knew?!

Saturday night, my actual birthday, I went to dinner at Las Fuentes with my family and then went to Midtown with Stephanie and Bern. Kathryn and Haley joined the party too for a bit. I even got to hang out with Lenee when she wasn’t working! yay! 🙂 That night ended like any birthday should, and that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

Be looking for a more current blog post coming soon. I’ve made some good progress on my house 🙂

xoxo jenn


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