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happy adoptiversary, levi garrett!

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Today is this sweet boys unofficial adoptiversary!

Today is also his least favorite day of the year – opening day of dove season…


When I went to college 6 years ago, I didn’t plan to have a dog and left Lexi at home with my mom. Our neighbor left Levi when they moved out. He was completely matted and everyone shoo’ed him away when he came up to greet you when you got out of the car because he was pretty nasty. When they left him, my heart just couldn’t leave this dog without any care. (Not that he was getting any before that.) I went to Wal Mart and bought a $6 bag of dog food and a couple of bowls for food and water. I decided that I would try to find him a home and knew that I would need to clean him up a bit. I cut his matted hair and then Bobby Joe, one of our other neighbors on the street, and I gave him a bath. I will never forget that first bath! He wouldn’t get in the bath tub (yes, I gave him one inside) so Bobby Joe had to pick him up and put him in! After that, he was much better to maintain. I kept asking around if anyone wanted him, gave him the name Levi (actually Holly did), and bought him a bed for outside. He was kind of a community dog in that if I was gone for the weekend someone, usually Brian (another neighbor – we had some awesome people at Risky’s!), would come feed him for me. He was just the sweetest boy. Slowly, I started giving in. Ok – he can come inside when we get home from work, but he has to sleep outside. Ok – he can sleep inside. Ok – he can just stay inside all the time. Thanksgiving 2008 – sealed the deal that he was mine for good. I was going to be gone 5 days (since the A&M game was at t.u. that year) and no one would be there to feed him. I called and asked my parents if I could bring him home. They said yes. 6 years later, I couldn’t ask for a better dog to have rescued. He’s the sweetest, brattiest, most rotten dog you’ll ever meet.

I love everything about this momma’s boy – from his early morning belly rubs, stealing whatever food he wants off the counter in his stealth mode, to him giving me the forget you look when I asked if he wanted to come back to college with me or really anything I want him to do that he doesn’t want to do, getting loose at the sale barn in Navasota when Brittney and dad tried to swap him for the weekend, having to switch cars with mom because he wouldn’t get out of my truck (literally he would switch sides of the seat), being the laziest “cow dog” you’ll ever find, sneaking off to the pond to go for a swim at the most inconvenient times, barking and pawing at you when he doesn’t get his way, his love of rawhides and his pickiness that he likes flavored ones better than regular, his precious head tilt, that ridiculous undercoat that he hates getting brushed out, and laying down to eat his food. I could go on and on and on. Oh and his smile 🙂

You will always be my #mcm, momma’s boy, sweet baby, number one man in my life, and my precious levi garrett.

Love you, sweet boy! 🙂 

PS – I’ll have a petsmart bag next time I come home.


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