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Home Sweet Home <3: The Chase.


Well, it’s official! As of Friday, August 15 at about 11:15 a.m., I am a homeowner!! AHHHH! I am so excited for this journey! 

This post is all about the buying process. More posts to follow. 

First, I had the MOST WONDERFUL house buying experience. I can’t imagine it going any more perfectly. My realtor, Ellen Troxclair from Keller Williams, the entire team at Modern Mortgage, and First American Title, were so helpful and professional and kind. I could just go on and on about them. I highly suggest them if you are buying in the Austin area. I am forever grateful for all of their help throughout the process!

Mid/Late June, I decided that I was just about ready to buy. I contacted Ellen, who is also a coworker from my time at the Capitol, (and the best realtor ever!!) to start the process. I had NO idea what I wanted other than a house, 3 bedroom, at least 2 bath, preferably 2.5 bath. No preference on a new construction or existing house. As with a lot of places right now, the market is a seller’s market. I saw a house via my MLS search that was the first one I felt the need to go look at. Luckily, I have a very flexible job, so we set up a time for us to go look. While it wasn’t the one, I had a little more of an idea of how it would go. Found things I didn’t think would be important to me, that actually were. House buying is a weird, fun process. 

After I started “liking” a few houses on MLS, Ellen and I set up a time to go start looking. Luckily, my mom was in town so she was able to go with me. There was one house that I kinda had the feeling that it could possibly be the one. But there was just something in my gut that wouldn’t allow me to fall in love just yet. I had the feeling it was too good to be true. It was newly built, had been updated, one of the bigger houses I looked at, not at the top of the price range of the houses I had looked at. All things that are good. And the updates were ones I liked meaning I wouldn’t have to do much if any! The day we looked, we had 7 houses to see. I told Ellen that I had a feeling about that one but was holding back. It just happened to be the last one we would see that day. It was weird – there was no offer deadline on the house, no current offers. It has a stone retaining wall behind the house and I didn’t know what it backed up to. I thought it had to be something bad.

It wasn’t. It was perfect. That afternoon, I had an offer in. And 2 days later we had a deal. OMG. I JUST AGREED TO BUY A HOUSE. Then comes in all the things that happen in between. Ellen got me a 10 day option period. The whole time I wish I listened to her advice and taken a video of the house so I would remember what it looked like for sure! I never really panicked, but the financial information disclosure is horrifying! and scary. So much for privacy. In all seriousness, I had the BEST mortgage company, Modern Mortage. They are amazing and I highly suggest them! They made the process so completely easy for me. Never did I feel stressed out or pressured while trying to get everything done, but they definitely made sure I stayed on top of things! 

The weekend between signing the contract and my 10 day option period was 4th of July weekend. Thankfully, my sister and mom planned to come up to Austin to do wedding flowers that weekend and they, along with my aunt and uncle, got to help me confirm that it was perfect before the 10 days were up. 

After the 10 days, it was just a long waiting process. I thought it was NEVER going to get here! I was/am SO happy that I didn’t build! I would be worlds most impatient person during that process! 

I closed on Friday and finally got to meet Heather from Modern Mortgage. Such a sweet person! I was a little terrified of this because everyone says it is a lot of signing. I woke up Friday morning feeling the most nervous I have felt since the option period was up. Making the offer and accepting was definitely the most stressful. Of course, there was a wreck on Mopac that caused me to be late. When I got there, I saw the stack of papers, but didn’t get overwhelmed. Started signing then learned you have to sign your WHOLE name. LIKE MIDDLE NAME INCLUDED. And initialing with my middle initial is annoying because it doesn’t flow so I have to pick up the pen after every letter. #divaprobz. Anyway, I did just fine until the last page. When they said it was the last page, my stomach sank. That is when it all became real and I couldn’t back out. I signed the last line and all was done. I was then a homeowner. 🙂 

Today, I have the fullest, most grateful heart. I wouldn’t be a homeowner if it wasn’t for my parents making sure I didn’t have student loans, my aunt and uncle who let me live rent free for 2 years, and so many more people for the encouragement along the way. 





3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home <3: The Chase.

  1. It looks PERFECT! I’m so jealous you’re a homeowner! It’s one of my dreams! Post pictures of how you decorate it!


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