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MAID OF HOTNESS: Social Media Edition + a small rant.

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Social media. The oh so addicting, aspect of life that everyone wants to hate but just can’t. We all try to deny that our lives don’t revolve around it, but let’s be real here. My high school class probably won’t even need a high school reunion thanks to Facebook. JUST KIDDING – I’m not doing the planning though!

Recently, social media has taken on a whole new role in weddings. Hopefully, not your marriage, but definitely in your wedding 🙂 With the rise of the #hashtag, it has become the battle of who can be the most creative. The trick is finding something that hasn’t been used before and likely won’t be used again. For example, #smithpartyof2 probably isn’t a good hashtag because I’m sure there have already been and will be more Smith’s getting married. Hashtags are used to search for posts. So, when I go and search Brittney and Blake’s wedding hashtag, I will be able to see pictures of them, their guests, and candid wedding photos. Hopefully, some will be of someone gettin’ cray on the dance floor! Luckily, Facebook caught on with Instagram and Twitter.

We, ok my Aunt Steph and I, took this to heart. WE MUST HAVE A CREATIVE HASHTAG. It cannot be boring. It took us forever to decide on even some options. We had some good leads because Brittney and Blake have the same initials “BMB”. (Lucky, lucky girl that her monogram won’t change!) From BMB, we decided on something with bomb. After much debate, we decided on #itsthebmb. Like “it’s the bomb”. Awesome, everyone likes it, not likely to be used again, not too long. Put it on the engagement party signs. Had the engagement party. Hashtagged everything. Nope, we don’t like that. It doesn’t really make sense. It says nothing about them. So, we have FINALLY decided on….(drum roll please)

(please note the lowercase and no apostrophe are super important here) 

because, really, they are the bomb 🙂

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And don’t forget to #hashtag at any wedding festivities you may attend! 🙂 Her crazy, obsessive sister will greatly appreciate it. And won’t have to go onto all of your posts and do it for you hehe.

Next up, the website. I love wedding websites. I am THAT person that reads every single word. I also love websites that are fun and really give you a glimpse into the couple. They are, of course, seriously limited in layouts, but you can give some great personality through words! Anyways, we had a lot of fun drafting and editing the text because you get to reminisce on how the couple met, their engagement…all the fun things! I highly suggest you go read their wedding website! I’m not putting that on blast, but if you want to know message me and maybe I’ll give it to you! 🙂

RANT – Ladies, at no point is it appropriate for you to show up in white or ivory to a wedding function that is not yours. I cannot believe how many people I see wearing it to someone else’s engagement party, wedding shower, or even wedding! Let the bride have her day and be the center of attention. You’ll get yours one day or you may have even already had it! NO WHITE OR IVORY! Period. Unless you are kim kardashian and ask your guests to wear all white which was the stupidest thing ever. Anyone notice the tabloids are talking about her wedding to Kanye with pics of her wedding to Kris Humphries? Ok, maybe I need to get a life. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got the week off to a great start! 🙂



One thought on “MAID OF HOTNESS: Social Media Edition + a small rant.

  1. Couldn't agree more about the no white/ivory rule! And you are so in charge of coming up with a hashtag for Roger and me one day! ��


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