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MAID OF HOTNESS: Flashback to my first duty!

So, as you may remember in my MOH: the debut post, my sister gave me some duties before she officially asked me to be her MOH.

Random story of the night: when looking back through my blog posts, I realized that dang, I used to write some novels! Which I would prefer to still do, but not sure if you peeps like them. And, I haven’t really been making anything, that you’d need instructions for. More just random stories.

The primary task, other than oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over wedding gowns, was to figure out a creative way to ask Julie to be Brittney’s wedding trainer.

Who’s Julie? Wellllllll, Julie is the bomb diggity! She is our personal trainer. And, yes, even though I don’t train with her since I live in Austin, I still claim her as mine :). Mainly because I’m constantly asking her questions. I started training with her when I was 19. October 23, 2009 to be exact. Brittney joined soon us soon after. Julie is the reason I can’t have enough leg days and definitely the reason for me having the awareness of when I’m in shape or not! She definitely instilled the foundation in me for how important working out is and how awesome it feels to reach a new level! Oh, and she is located in College Station. If you need a personal trainer, use her! You won’t regret it! Well, maybe some workouts you will…stupid burpees.

Ok, back to my job. What is a creative way to ask her? Most of you know that many, many of my creative ideas come from Pinterest. I have seen the poster board that has the saying but switches out some words with candy bars. I just love that! So, I came up with the idea and Brittney turned it into this:

Julie said yes! – meaning I was successful at my first task! 🙂 
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!


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Haters gonna hate #johnnyfootball

To every single person who has said anything bad about Johnny Football:

Go home. Because that is the nicest thing I can say to you right now. I hope you all get a guilty conscious reading this knowing I’m talking to YOU.

No Aggie expected Johnny to still be here. And obviously, neither did you. Or else you wouldn’t have these ridiculous memes about “mom come get me” come out like 30 min after he was expected to go. Would have been like instantaneously.

For all of you Texans fans who complain about Johnny’s attitude, wait until you get to deal with Jadeveon. He has a PROVEN bad attitude. What would you have said if he did go to the Texans? Would you have supported him because he’s on your team?

And saying he’s unemployed? In case you forgot he’s already signed a deal with Nike. And making more money than you’ll ever dream of (and the rest of the first rounders). Remember that pro day collection?

Did you forget he’s a SOPHOMORE? What were you doing your sophomore year of college? Were you even in college? I know I wasn’t making millions. I was doing things similar to him. Going out. Drinking. Partying. Trying to get in with whatever famous person I could. Which obviously was no one 🙂

On another note, we had 2 top 10 picks! If you weren’t in tears with Mike Evans, you have no heart. His daughter is just too adorable. To see a dad that emotional over such an accomplishment just grabs my heart.

And Jake Matthews. Is he not one of the most precious things you have ever seen?! And number 7 in his family to play pro football! Amazing!

BTHO Johnny haters. BTHO Aggie haters. BTHO Texans. Go Johnny go. Go Browns! Make it rain in Cleveland. Go Bucs! Go Falcons! #theregime #teammatthews #teamevans #teamjohnny

3 first round picks isn’t a bad way to end the first draft night! I also can’t wait to see what johnny does at Cleveland. 
And now, I have to stay off facebook for the rest of the night. 🙂 Tonight is almost as bad as election nights for me…blood pressure come down…
Guest bloggers and comments are welcome. I’m feeling fiesty!

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MAID OF HOTNESS: Becoming a bridesmaid!

This post, like so many of my others is WAYYYYY overdue. One day I’m going to get better about this timing…

Well, I’m at THAT age. You know, the one where EVERYONE you know gets married? Yup, THAT one. And I couldn’t be more excited! Up until this year, it has really been my sisters friends, that are in turn family friends, getting married. This is the first year, it’s MY friends! Woohoo! I’m so excited to watch everyone start this new chapter of their lives!

Starting in June, I have a wedding every month through November, except October which will be filled with Bachelorette parties! 🙂 And 2015 is booking fast!

As most of you know, I get to stand beside my seester as she marries the man of her dreams in November, but now I get to stand next to two other friends!!

Meet Anne –

Anne and I met through FFA the end of our sophomore year of high school. We were elected as District 4, Area 3 officers! She lived just a couple of towns over. We hit it off immediately! You know those people you meet and you think I’ll definitely be friends with her forever? Yeah, this was her for me. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked, we always pick up where we left off like it’s only been a few minutes!

Meet Sarah –

My description of Sarah? The only thing good to come out of Fish Camp! 🙂 Sarah is one of my oldest friends from A&M. Actually, she is one of the first 3 people I met! (The other 2 I’m still friends with too!) We met at Fish Camp where she was in the same DG as my best friend, Stephanie. 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years since we met! She thought I was totally crazy when we met and picked me to be the party girl of our group! From freshman year to Aggie Rings, graduations, road trips, 21st birthdays, and first jobs, we have had so much fun. Now, we’re on to weddings! EEK!

I am so excited to stand next to these two (in addition to my sister) as they say their I do’s! I can’t wait until I get to start featuring their weddings in my blog!