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Blackberry Pie!

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One of my favorite childhood memories is going out and picking blackberries with my mom, sister, and granny. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity to do it. Today, we went out to pick. Of course, we went out too close to dark, but we were kind of just out to see if we could get enough for a pie! We weren’t even sure we’d get any!

So, we took the gator, rephrase, Dooney’s gator, and Dooney out down the road. Well, we found a few, but most weren’t ripe enough yet. Then, my mom said “I’m not getting in that brush.” Well, we had a stick and rubber boots on so I jokingly made the comment that she was going to miss out on the gold mine! Well, I was right! We found SO many, but they were on the inside of our fence line and we were outside. We went around and found ANOTHER bush as we were driving to the other one. OH MY GOSH, that bush is going to have enough berries for 2 pies! Hardly any of them were ripe yet, but we will definitely check that one regularly! 

Bush #1 we found with ripe berries. Still have tons to ripen!
Berries are to the left of the picture.

Bush #2 – Mom said this will make enough for a whole pie!
It finally got too dark and we just had to take what we had and make it work. 
Now, I don’t know if any of you have moms like this, but my mom’s recipes are a little of this, just pour, or put a little then taste it. I am a perfectionist and don’t know how to do ANYTHING without specific recipes!! So, I’m going to share what I know with y’all. If you need specifics, ask, and maybe I can get her to really think about it!! 🙂 
Also, to my future husband, I’m sorry I won’t have any family recipes to contribute and please tell your mom to write hers down!! 🙂
Bremer’s Blackberry Pie
For the berry filling:
Some berries
1/2 stick of butter
For the crust: (My FAVORITE part)
Crisco (or shortening)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I suggest using a glass pan. You will not need to grease it at all. \
Wash berries and remove any stems that may remain. Add the berries, at least a cup of sugar, and half a stick of butter to a saucepan. Let it all melt together. You want it to create a good bit of juice, but don’t add water or any liquids. Once it is melted together, taste to see if it needs more sugar. If so, add until you like it 🙂 
Our berries before cooking, but after washing!
Berries cooked down.
For the crust, start with some flour, I’d say maybe 3 cups? Add a little sugar, crisco, and salt. Maybe 1/4 cup, 1/3 stick, and 1 tsp., respectively. Finally add the butter. Uhhh, maybe 1/3 stick of that too? Just enough to give it that buttery flavor. Mix together. Add flour if it’s not “doughy” enough, or sugar if it needs to be sweeter. Yeah, you get to taste this too 🙂 
Once you have the berry mixture and dough to your liking, roll out the dough and cut it into strips. You want to layer and there is no set number of layers, just however many berries you have. Start with the berry mixture, then cover the berries in dough (doesn’t have to be completely), then sprinkle a little sugar on the dough, and finally put a few squares of butter. Repeat. On the top layer, you won’t put any butter and you will want to make sure that some of the juice gets on the top. 
A single layer.
Top layer.
You’ll want to back it for about 30-35 minutes. Just check it to see when it’s done. 
I didn’t get a picture of it done, because my Dad got into it before I could get a pic!!
I told y’all this was not a straightforward recipe! 🙂 It’s the Wacky way! 🙂 (Some people call my mom, Jackie, Wacky!) If anyone tries this recipe, let me know what tweaks needed to be made!
I hope that one day you get to go berry picking and make a delicious berry pie! Enjoy your childhood memories and never take them for granted! Time goes by all too fast!!

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