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MAID OF HOTNESS: #teammilesfortheaisle

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So, I did it again. The time came and I actually did it.

We completed the Dallas Rock N Roll half marathon! This was the race that was initially supposed to be my first half but ended up being my second since I ran Austin!

For a refresher on the story, Omar got me, Bernadette and Stephanie to agree to run a half marathon. Shortly after, Kara decided she was joining us too!

Since after my ten mile training week for Austin I felt awful, I thought I would feel TERRIBLE after 13.1 and I decided to take off a week in between running Austin and resuming training for Dallas. Bad idea. I felt good and should have just taken a couple of days off. I had such a hard time getting back into training. It’s like I think my body will forget how to run in a week.

Then, I ran my 9 miles. The same injury I had during my 9 mile week the first time training happened in the other foot, but now a week later in training. So, I tried to take a couple of days off and ice and take ibuprofen. When I went out for my run during my 10 mile week, I got this TERRIBLE burning sensation in my lower leg. Next to my shin, but not quite my calf. Literally couldn’t run with it, couldn’t stretch it out. At this point, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to be able to run if it continued.

I can’t remember why, but I hadn’t been to my trainer so I hadn’t been getting stretched really good. Yes, I am one of those girls now. But, partner stretching works so much better than stretching on your own. Well, he starts stretching me and I was so tight we end up stretching my entire hour session! I told him my issue and he went and got this thing called The Stick. Well, lets just say that sucker massages deep into your muscles! While screaming in the gym and causing a scene probably, we shortly found about 4 knots in my calves and one in my shin (the culprit for the burning). I ended up foam rolling my entire body and finding knots in places I didn’t know they could exist. I had no idea that I could have that many knots in my legs! Poor things!

So, my 2 weeks before the half ended up consisting of a lot of stretching and foam rolling, not a lot of running. I couldn’t even run my 10 miles. I knew I had to get my body feeling better or I’d never be able to finish 13.1 miles.

So, here it is the week of the race. I felt like it went pretty normal. Just making sure I ate good and drank a lot of water. I can’t tell you how many bathroom conversations we had on our group text! We make our trek to Dallas on Saturday, met up with Steph and parents, and then Omar and Elizabeth and Bern and Keith at the expo. Before dinner, Steph’s and my mom made the signs for us! Omar made reservations for us to eat at Campisis, an Italian food place in Dallas, Saturday evening. Of course, I didn’t have the nerves like I did the first time, but not eating what I did the first time, made me a little nervous. It was delicious though!

Mom’s making signs before dinner.

Snapchatting while waiting for dinner.
The sign my mommy made for me!
Sorry it’s upside down. It’s the finish line with beer at the end haha. 

Me and my momma preface!

After dinner, we all went our ways and then headed to bed. The race didn’t start until 8 am (which of course made me nervous too because I was hoping to be an hour in at that point).

So here we are race morning, it’s freezing. We were placed in corrals so we had to get there early. Luckily, our mommies dropped us off. I hadn’t ever run in a jacket and knew I’d get hot, but it was so cold I had to have it. My plan was to throw it to my mom when we saw them around mile 2.5. I had the same breakfast I had for Austin – a protein bar and spark. I forgot to take advil and of course didn’t realize it until it was too late. I was wearing my brace but as I was waiting my foot started hurting. I took a chance and took off the wrap/brace. GOOD CHOICE. I couldn’t really feel my feet the first few miles because it was so cold. I felt GREAT through the first 8 miles.  Then I started getting some cramps in my back. I had these at Austin, but I feel like it wasn’t NEAR as bad. Mile 9.5 I got THE WORST breathing cramp I’ve ever had in my life. I could not breathe through it. FINALLY make it through that. Now to mile 11.5, trying to catch that last wind 2.5 more miles. WRONG. Foot starts shooting pain. All I can think is please don’t tear, please don’t tear. 

pre race photo
Prerace – in front of the pretty Omni in Dallas
Getting pumped as we get dropped off.

So, in Austin, once you made it to the last mile they had signs that said 800 meters, 400 meters…etc. that way you could constantly see how close you were. It also probably helped that I knew the course in Austin. In Dallas, they didn’t have this. We ended in Fair Park, and you couldn’t see the finish line until you were about 100 yards away. So, the other thing was that you didn’t finish the race until you wrapped around a building, but when we came into the Park entrance, there was a BIG blow up Michelob Ultra arch. FALSE HOPE. The finish line was still like .5 miles away!!

Starting line! 

Anyways, I finished. Time was 2:29. Not as good as Austin, but still good enough. It was freezing after  the race. SO COLD. We didn’t even get our free beer it was so cold. I had to waddle back to the car, because I was hurting so bad.

Team #milesfortheaisle! Omar, Elizabeth, Bern, Me, Stephanie.

We had the best cheerleaders/twirlers ever, aka our parents, and Keith! I am so lucky to have such supportive parents and second parents!

My mom and Steph’s mom with their signs.
And Mom’s golden baton courtesy of Bouquets of Austin!
My sign even says Maid of Hotness and everyone laughed as they ran by it! 🙂

After finding everyone, Steph and her parents headed out because she didn’t want to have brunch with us. (just kidding) The rest of us headed to Breadwinner’s for brunch and Kara joined us. And it was DELICIOUS. There I got to see my friend Courtney who I feel like I hardly ever get to see now!

Mimosas – Kara, I will always drink with you.

Mom and I made the trek back to Austin, ran into AWFUL traffic on 35. But the best part? We got to stop for kolaches in West! SOOOOOO delicious!

West kolaches. Favorite. Ever. 

Once I got back, I immediately scheduled a massage for that week. When I got there, the girl worked my legs so much, she didn’t get to work my back! I feel better, but she did tell me to come back this week. haha! Whoops, I guess I was super jacked up.

I just had my first run back tonight, and felt amazing! Hopefully, I still feel good tomorrow. I must get my diet back under control and get back to lots of cardio. Maid of Hotness ain’t lookin’ so hot right now! 🙂

I plan to continue to run, just not such long distances. If anyone has any good maintenance schedules that figure in races or longer runs, please let me know!

Happy running, friends! Keep moving. You can do it.



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