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This Week in My Laundry: An Open Letter to Texas Weather

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My dearest Texas weather,

Because of you, my load of laundry today consisted of shorts, tank tops, jeans, sweaters, flannel pjs, and Christmas fuzzy socks. Did I mention that I did laundry Tuesday? So, in 4 days you have covered 4 seasons!

This is ridiculous. I was WEARING shorts YESTERDAY and SWEATING! Today, it’s ugg boots, scarves, and not near enough layers and blankets. In 12 hours, we went from using the A/C to the heater.

The only person I know that likes this weather is my sweet Levi and his winter undercoat he won’t let me brush out! Ok, yes, I realize my dog isn’t a person, but only kind of not a person.

Where is my spring/summer?! Did you forget it’s March? Winter is supposed to be long gone. It is Texas, for heaven’s sake. I already did my spring cleaning and put all my gloves and hats away.

This winter has been long enough. How many “snow” days have we had? And sleet today?! This is like more than the past 10 years combined!

I tried to run the lake today. You put an end to that in about 30 seconds. Can you PLEASE help making my running scene a little better?!

I promise I will not be the person complaining that it’s “too hot” in July and August. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Happy cuddling. Happy hibernating. Texas forever. But, don’t forget to warm up soon.

Thanks and gig ’em.



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