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RANT: One of those days…

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Ok, I am usually not one of those debbie downer people. I truly believe that each day is what you make of it and a large part of that is your attitude. I’m also fairly easy going, patient, and don’t get worked up a whole lot.

MONDAYS are the exception to this rule. I have a general statement that Monday’s do not like me and something is likely to go wrong (and usually does). My boss has even picked up on this and just laughs at me. I’ve learned to just go with the flow, it could always be worse.

But, today, TODAY IS NOT MONDAY. I swear it is though. This morning was COLD AND RAINY. THIS IS TEXAS. I do NOT like winter. I liked the 80 degrees we had this weekend. It started out with me spilling my coffee on me. Then, I had an appointment at the Apple Store to get my iPad fixed because I dropped it on the rocks and shattered my screen (on a Monday, because I had lost my phone on a Monday). Get there, and OMG APPLE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Period. 3 minutes is all it took for them to make me angry enough to walk out. First, they won’t take a look at my uncle’s computer because that’s not what I made the appointment for. Well, I’m sorry. Didn’t know it was going to malfunction last night when I booked the appointment 3 days ago. And why do I need to tell 5 people what’s wrong with my iPad when I had to put it on my online form for why I was coming in?!?!?! Maybe if they’d fire a few of the USELESS hands around those stores, we wouldn’t have to pay $5,000 for a computer. Ok, maybe that amount is a little dramatic, but seriously. Oh, and if I can sit anywhere according to one guy, why does another tell me I need to sit at a certain table. I had already asked an Apple store in Houston if they could replace it and they said yes. Austin, nope, they cannot do that. Must replace the whole thing. Oh, and who did you talk to? Did you get their card? Excuse me, sir. I did not know it was necessary. And DO NOT question me. Wrong feisty, blonde girl to mess with.  And this is the point where I looked at him and said “this is ridiculous.” and walked out.

There are few things that make me more angry than terrible customer service. Apple better be glad I really like their products, because I REALLY do NOT like their people.

Next, I rarely ever am on time. I’m usually 5-10 minutes late not matter how hard I try to be on time. Sometimes, I have to tell myself 30 minutes early if I REALLY need to be on time. My friends have learned this and adjusted my arrival time accordingly, too :). But, if I’m going to be late, I let the person know. It usually isn’t a big deal, but it’s just courteous. Well, my trainer forgot about my session today. And one of the front desk people tried to get him. I waited 20 minutes. AND THEN HE TRIED TO TURN IT ON ME. Hi, I don’t know if y’all can tell, but today is NOT the best day to jack with me. UGH.

Today is just one of those days where people are generally annoying. I’m hoping for a better, warmer day tomorrow. For now, I’ll consume some wine.



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