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MAID OF HOTNESS: Because I’m Only Half Crazy!

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So, here’s my first post about anything that’s related to becoming the maid of hotness. But, it’s a big one. One filled with 12 weeks of anxiety. One SERIOUS day of anxiety. Two days of extreme hunger.

I have officially completed my first HALF MARATHON this past Sunday! For those of you that know me (especially my trainers), know that I am NOT a runner. I remember when a mile used to be a task for me. Fall 2012, I finally could run 3 miles. Not easily, and not without a lot of complaining. 🙂

So, you’re probably wondering how and why did you agree to do this? Well, it’s kind of something I’ve wanted to do and just never put my mind to it. Fall 2013, my two friends, Bernadette and Stephanie, mentioned that they’d like to do one and they weren’t runners either. And, they happen to say that in front of our friend, Omar, who is a professional runner. Ok, not by trade, but I mean he’s ran 13 marathons I think now. RIDICULOUS. Of course, he finds a half for us in Dallas and sends us the training program. Dallas race – March 23. Training to begin – December 28. We have now committed to do this. Like real life, we will be running 13.1 miles. and YES THE POINT ONE COUNTS.

Well, go figure, I open my mouth to my uncle and current trainer, Brian. My Uncle Looch mentions that he would like to do one also. We found one to be ran on February 16. Training begins – THANKSGIVING WEEK. I haven’t completely committed to that race at this point but agreed to train with him, as it can’t hurt, right? So, I tell Brian. He says he’ll do it with me and that he has a couple of other clients who are interested. Crap, now I have to do it.

Once we started training, it wasn’t that bad. We followed the Hal Higdon’s training program for novice runners. It was great and it works. I honestly haven’t found that love of running yet, and convincing myself to run on running days was hard. But, we did it. Most weeks at least ;). Once the weekly runs got longer (4.5/5 miles) those were really hard to convince myself to do. We ran those in/around our neighborhood and it was less than entertaining. We did our weekly long runs on Sunday’s around the lake. They have great trails here in Austin. It also helps when you have other runners around you. The 5 and 6 mile long runs were good. My 7 was terrible because I didn’t eat. My 8 was really good…

…and then I hurt my foot. Not sure what it was, but I could barely walk and definitely couldn’t run. The week of the 9, I don’t think I ran at all. If I did, it was just once. But, I couldn’t complete the 9 mile run. Only made it 5 miles and my foot just couldn’t take it. This is the point where I just didn’t know if I could run the February race. We hadn’t signed up at this point and there was still time to back out. The week after the 9 mile, I decided I had trained for this race, and I was going to run it. My uncle had signed up and I knew once I did, I’d fully commit to the race. So, I signed up two weeks before the race. I only ran one 5 mile the week of the 10 miler, I think. And then had a fairly decent 10 mile run. Now after. We were a mess. We could barely walk. And I was worse than my uncle! The 10 mile is where you end your training. Even though it seems like you only have 3 miles left to go, I was super nervous about those last 3 miles.

Race week is now upon us. I am thoroughly looking forward to 4, 3, and 2 mile runs. I thought they’d be nice to me. NOT. I have learned that longer runs are actually better. It takes you the first two miles to get settled in and just cruise. I did good the whole week. I ate good, drank a lot of water, stretched good every night, iced…you know, all the precautionary measures.

I was feeling good the day before. We woke up, had coffee, watched the news. FAIL. DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS THE DAY OF THE RACE. Here’s where the anxiety SERIOUSLY starts. I had some errands I needed to run. I wanted to go do some shopping as there were President’s Day sales. And then I FULLY intended to take a nap.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t really get anxiety, (I think) I’m fairly easy going. Well, I got my errands done in record time, spent too much money in Express and decided I needed to clean out my closet. Cleaning out my closet lead to me totally reorganizing my closet, getting rid of so many clothes, cleaning off a bookshelf, doing my laundry and yeah, then it was time for dinner. No nap happened. I knew it was going to be an early morning but I just couldn’t stop. So, then, my mom and sister get here and we go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I AM A NERVOUS WRECK. I had already planned what I was going to eat to make sure I had a good meal before the race and I could barely eat. I tore my straw wrapper to shreds and fidgeted the whole meal. My aunt was laughing at me because she hadn’t ever seen me like that!

After a decent night’s sleep, we woke up and it was FINALLY race day. Now, I hit the “ok-lets-just-go-get-this-done” mood. We stretched, took advil, rolled out our calves, got breakfast and ALMOST forgot spark! We got parked and we had a few blocks to walk to do gear check and then make it to the start line. We made a terrible mistake and went to the bathrooms by the start line. For reference, we started on the north side of the Capitol and ended on the south side of the Capitol. We barely made it to the start line on time. The gun actually went off before we got there.

Once we were off, we knew we’d separate pretty quickly. I needed to control my pace and make sure that I didn’t waste too much energy on the first few miles. There were 20,000 runners (!!) so it was a large pack for a lot of the way. The half marathoners split from marathoners at mile 10.8. The first 5 miles were BRUTAL. All hills. I was cussing in my mind and feeling like I hadn’t trained at all for this race. Once we made the first turn to come back it was downhill and I felt much better. We knew that we would have a cheering section but didn’t know where they would be located. Well, right at mile 6 I hear “there she is! there she is!” There THEY were! My mom, sister, and aunt were at mile 6 cheering us on! They had signs and pom poms!

As they tell the story, they got out there and immediately felt peer pressure. The ladies next to them were completely prepared – like had dog toys and a PVC pipe contraption with cow bells! They ended up using wrapping paper, tissue paper, and sharpies. They were awesome and next time we’ll be much more prepared! To my surprise, there were a lot of people out supporting the runners! There were a lot of great signs but ours were the best and used the most creative supplies!! #teammilesfortheaisle #hunklelooch #maidofhotness

Tissue paper pom pons!

Christmas wrapping paper signs!

Once, I got to mile 10, I started getting pretty tired. I used the Gu, but was trying to ration it out over the course. In the final 2 miles was an enormous hill. It is kinda infamous in this course. It was just as awful as I thought it would be. I drive it whenever I go to the office, so I had to constantly look at it. And there the cheering section was again! At the top of the hill! Right at the one mile left marker!

Finishing the race was such an amazing feeling. I sprinted the last straightway. Well, it felt like a sprint not sure if it really was 🙂 I had a goal of 2:30 and I beat it by 7 minutes! I was so proud of myself!

We did it!! 

After we finished and met up with everyone, including my boss, Lindsay, and her husband, Chris, we went to the Driskill for breakfast and mimosas. I was SOOOOO hungry. I ate every bite of the picture below, plus 2 mimosas. And then I still had a huge dinner.

Post run meal – scrambled eggs, a ton of bacon, and bread pudding french toast. DELISH..

Mimosas and water. 

I took this week off to give my legs a rest, but they don’t feel like they really need it. I just have had to stretch A LOT. I will be back to training next week for the March 23 race with my friends! I’m interested to see if I have the same anxiety and how I do overall. I can’t wait to run with them!

Thanks to my training partner, Uncle Looch, my cheering section, Mom, Brittney, and Aunt Steph, and all of you who wished me well!

If you ever have a race around you, I highly recommend going out there and cheering the runners on! You never know what a difference you make for the runners! A little encouragement goes a long way!

Now, for a special shout out to my friend Kat and her counting sheep sleep pants. Love you and can’t wait for this weekends shenanigansssss!

Happy Running!



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