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Happy birthday, biffle!!!

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So, I currently get the award for worst best friend on Earth. However, I will be paying appropriate attention to her special day next weekend when I actually get to celebrate with her!

Today is my BEST FRIEND FO LIFE’s (Stephanie) 24th birthdayyyy!! And since I ran a half marathon this morning, I didn’t tell her happy birthday until after noon. FAIL.

I am also too tired currently to write anything meaningful. Here’s the low down.

1. Been BFF’s since 7th grade. Working on 12 years this year!
2. We’ve been through it all together. Boys, high school, college, parties, drunken nights that lead to drunken mornings, vacations, work probs, football seasons, etc.
3. We are literally the people that have to be friends because we have too much blackmail on each other.

I love you and can’t imagine how boring life would be without you! 🙂


PS. I’ll get to the nostalgic instagram and facebook post tomorrow. Now, I’m off to bed.


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