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MAID OF HOTNESS: Bridal Extravaganza Edition.

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Welp, wedding planning is in FULL swing, y’all! EEEEK!

Let me give y’all a little background on my life. I have been around weddings since I was about 4 years old and still work them when I’m needed. My Aunt Steph owns Bouquets of Austin. I’ve been putting out pew markers and bows, counting votive candles, and all the likes since then. Cheap labor and education?! Couldn’t beat it in my family! It’s true, I have my ENTIRE wedding planned – down to the weekend. πŸ™‚ Second weekend in June, even numbered year. Maybe a little freaky, I know. BUT in my defense, Texas legislative session happens every odd numbered year for 140 days starting the 2nd Tuesday in January and ending Memorial Day and considering that’s a large part of my dream career, it’s likely that I’ll be participating. And, I’m not kidding when I say that we don’t sleep. We’ve got 140 days to complete ALL of the states’ needs for 2 years! (yes, everyone who participates knows we’re certifiably crazy.) I refuse to look like an overweight zombie at my wedding. Should the day ever come. And, I have to have the second weekend in June for peak peony season. πŸ™‚

Ok, that was a long rant. Back on track now.

Being that my aunt is a wedding florist, I’ve been to a LOT of bridal extravaganzas and even worked one 2 years ago. I kind of knew what to expect but being that Austin and Houston are different markets, I was interested to see what would actually happen. Again, I LOVE weddings. LOVE THEM.

My mom, sister, and I all went to the Houston show and, I will say, we went with a mission. Photographer and linens were probably the main things we were looking for and following behind were invitations and a DJ. And then, just tasting every cake possible, duh. We ended up partaking in every Photo Booth too :). The ones I posted aren’t even all of them. So, when we walk in we see a line. Of course, you have to register with the extravaganza. Then, you can purchase labels so that you don’t have to write all of your information at each place you’re interested in. Luckily, my mom and I (separately) had done some pre-extravaganza work and printed our own labels, so we skipped that line. I highly suggest doing this. I also bought a “bride-to-be” canvas bag from Etsy and, my favorite, a wedding planning notebook from May Designs. You can also buy a bag from the bridal extravaganza. I love May Designs. They are hand crafted notebooks that you customize, from the design, to the inserts (meaning the wedding diary which I selected or the regular calendar. I think they have about 20 options), to the writing and font on the front. They are awesome. They have a place for the all important budget, 12 blank calendar months so you can fill them in as you need, and then at the back blank pages for notes on different parts of the wedding.

Excuse the flash spot on the pictures. I took them with my phone. πŸ™‚

Maid of Hotness Fail #1. The May Designs notebook failed to make the road trip from Β Austin the weekend of the extravaganza and arrived in Waller a week after. woops. πŸ™‚

Not a full picture of the May Designs book. I think they are 8.5 x 5″ maybe? The details are on the website. I chose the “doodle gray” option with ice as the color behind the text.

Anyways, we start walking through and the second place we went to had mimosas, so logically we got one, followed by many more. 9837402938749 brides on the loose requires alcohol. And, we looked for Β like 4 hours. Whew, we got our exercise. πŸ˜‰

Mimosas – Round 1 of ???

Triple Fisting – because you do what the bride says. Even if it makes you look like an alcoholic πŸ˜‰

We had good luck and found good leads on things we needed and some things we didn’t. Definitely go with a plan. You’ll be much more successful.

Oh, and NOTE TO THE RUDE INVITATION PLACE. You’re there to sell. Speak to us. Say hello. When we’re loudly saying “I wonder how much this costs” or “I really like this”. Speak. to. us.

Wedding Planning Kick-Off Pack
1. Labels – include your name, wedding date, town/city, email, and phone number. (I included address on some, but really the information I listed are the essentials. It helps vendors know when to contact you.)
2. “Bride-to-be” Bag. Can be purchased here. There are many other options, but this is the one I chose.
3. Wedding Diary May Design Notebook.
4. A little champagne never hurt anyone πŸ™‚
My weekend ended with helping breaking down the Bouquets booth at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza. Look what happens when you go have cocktails before breaking down. Not a bad idea. πŸ™‚ Oh, and go check out the NEW Bouquets of Austin website!Β 
BOA – the only booth left standing πŸ™‚ Cocktails > breaking down immediately.

You get to pull in next to your booth and not have to haul everything out! WHOOP!
The stunning BOA booth. Gorgeous even after 2 days!
Delicious Simon Lee Cake that was gifted to BOA.
I hope that y’all have happy wedding planning. Or happy whatever you’re doing in life. πŸ™‚
jenn – aka maid of hotness

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