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I have been waiting to write this post for weeeeeeks! And, now, I finally get to do it!!! EEEEKKKK!

My sister got engaged at the beginning of December which is like SUPER EXCITING!!! (And, no, it’s not on Facebook for all you nosy people that are wondering why y’all didn’t know 🙂 ) Being as we are both out of college now, we have talked about maid of honors and weddings and all the fun stuff. So, I had a feeling that I’d be her MOH but she hadn’t asked me. Well, one night my Uncle Looch and I were doing our nightly ab routine (which we have since given up on), and it was after Brittney and Blake got engaged, my abs were burning and “I can’t be the maid of hotness if I’m not hot” or something along those lines came out of my mouth.

And so begins MAID OF HOTNESS. 

Well, up until TODAY, I hadn’t officially been asked to be the MOH. I have been given some duties/ideas to come up with, though (I will post about later). Today, I got the card pictured below and the PINK, SPARKLY Coach iPad case. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Two of my favorite things in life? PINK and SPARKLY. LOVEEE all of this. The card was made by Cash Originals. (Please forgive my pictures as most of them are taken with my iPhone.)

So, my inspiration to lose weight (darn you, session 15) is to be the maid of hotness. I say it all the time while I run, workout, or want to eat something I shouldn’t. All of my MOH posts will include workouts I do, half marathon training tools, food ideas, decorations I make for showers, planning tools, and whatever wedding shenanigans happen along the way! (P.S. I do plan to give shout outs to anybody/blog I get ideas from!) And, I won’t lie. I’m a few posts behind, so bear with me while I catch up 🙂

I hope you are half as excited about this as I am! Maybe one day it’ll become a brand!  I LOOOOVEEEEE weddings! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m so excited to see Brittney and Blake start this next journey of their lives and to be a part of it! I hope it is everything they have dreamed of! ❤

jenn aka the maid of hotness 🙂


One thought on “MAID OF HOTNESS: The Debut.

  1. awe Yay!!!!! So fun!! Can't wait to read along as you post your stuff! Can't wait for them to get married!!!! 🙂


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