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Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel!

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Lexi Elizabeth Sue Louise Bremer,

AKA princess poo poo panties, weirdo, missy moo moo, baby girl, and the list could go on and on.

Holy cow! I can’t believe this is your second birthday we don’t get to spend with you. Today would have been 9 years since my world changed forever. I know you and boozer boy are having so much fun in cookie heaven, but I still miss you so much. (tears start rolling)

I don’t think December 20th will ever get easier and it will always be your birthday. I think I miss you sleeping in with me and snuggling ALL the time most! Those boys (Levi and Dooney) and now Pugsleigh are up way too early in the morning! Ok, and the face you made when you had to get out of bed finally. And screaming to get your way. And not taking your medicine unless it was in a full human meal. I still think of you EVERY time I see a butterfly. I miss your tongue hanging out ALL the time and you and pawpaw’s snoring competitions.

I hope you have such a wonderful day eating all the cookies and chasing butterflies.

Happy birthday, baby girl. You will always be my princess.

love you always,


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