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Baby, I’ll Bring Texas to You

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DISCLAIMER1: The names of the innocent have not been changed. Well, let’s be real, they’re guilty on all counts! No, I’m not telling you how much is missing from the stories, if any.

DISCLAIMER2: This post is going to be super long. I wrote it over 4 days.

WARNING: If you are judgmental, our employers, or Santa, well, stop reading……now. Just kidding. It’s PG-13 rated.

This is going to be one of my favorite posts to write. Why? It’s all about my best friends and I get to introduce you to new friends tonight! 🙂

My best friend, Stephanie, and I have known each other since 7th grade. We did pretty much everything together and eventually ended up attending TAMU together. From there, we met Aliesha, Bern, Kayla, and Kat. Bern and Kayla are cousins. Kayla and Kat went to high school together. Chase/Chasetopher is the owner of the party shack in Austin and a friend from college we met through Sarah, Stephanie’s roommate. Clayton, we know through Kat and Kayla. After graduation, we met Jenni through another friend, Aliesha moved to Vegas, I moved to Austin, and everyone else moved to Houston.

Ok, ok…I’m getting to the real story now.

Aliesha has abandoned us for a fabulous life in Las Vegas. We usually alternate making trips there and her coming here. Last year, she came to College Station for the LSU game and then we went for New Year’s Eve. Finally, she decided to come to Houston for the weekend. We knew it was going to be an epic one because it’s been almost a WHOLE year since we have all been together!

We may, or may not, be a lot to handle when we all get together. To the point that Steph’s dad apologized for his “wild daughter and friends” to the guy we met who works with him :). We like to wake up early, with a lot of energy, we all get in bed together, relive the night before, and sometimes we sing Selena (the real deal, not Gomez). If you ask Chase, this weekend was going to be a **** show and he was staying several counties away from it.  But, make it a whole year, and yeah, our craziness hits epic levels.

We had great plans for the weekend, dinner Thursday, champagne, pizza, and Midtown on Friday, Lights in The Heights Saturday followed by White Oak, and wrapping the weekend up with a Christmas jammie brunch at a friend’s house.

Thursday was very calm – just had mexican food since most of us had to work on Friday. But Friday, whew. Where to even start?! Stephanie invited everyone over to her house for champagne since she lives so close to the bars in Midtown and we were celebrating Aliesha being back in Texas. Well, then Clayton and his girlfriend, Mikki, show up with a HANDLE of fireball. Y’all, fireball comes in a HANDLE. Who knew?! And he also brought a giant bottle of vodka. Oh, and, we already had been drinking wine. Then our friend, Carson, who none of us ever get to see, surprised Aliesha! This night was doomed from the start. We finished too much of the Fireball and had some awesome jam sesh’s singing “baby, I’ll bring texas to you” by Johnny Cooper.

 Stephanie and Clayton with the HANDLE of Fireball. 

Aliesha, Kat, Jenni, Jenn Friday night.
Besties fo lyfe! 

First stop was dogwood. We lose Kat and Aliesha right when we walk in to new boys. We end up finding a guy in santa boxers. Bern ends up leaving early. This leaves me and Steph. On our way home, Steph can’t find a cab. So, what does she do? The normal thing and knock on a TOW TRUCK window to see if he will take her and her friend home. She forgot about me though. Left me alone and I had to walk home from Midtown. Luckily, I’m fairly aware of the area and made it home. (Yes, we are completely aware it is unsafe to walk around Houston alone at night. Some things you don’t plan to do. And, thank you, Ethan, for talking to me for what seemed like forever while I walked to keep me safe 😉 ). From here, all I’m going to say is we ended up with more people than we left the house with. Being the FABULOUS friend that I am, I took one for the team and slept upright in a chair, after being found on the stairs saying I don’t know where I’ll sleep. You’re welcome. The next morning, we wake up in our FABULOUS mood, early of course and our new friends thought we were absolutely insane. And we found out Kat had taken about 239847029834709873245 showers overnight…we love you, clean kitty.

Since Whataburger doesn’t exist in Vegas, Aliesha wanted it for breakfast at least once. Saturday morning, while recovering, we got Whataburger, called Chase to tell him our adventures, attempted to clean up Steph’s apartment, and I napped while Steph and Aliesha went to a Stella and Dot party. Oh, and ate Chick Fil A. Next up was the tacky Christmas sweater party and Lights in the Heights. Kat’s mom has a wonderful selection of Christmas sweaters she was kind enough to let us borrow. My boss was extremely generous and allowed us to use her house as home base since she lives in the middle of the Heights. We walked around lights in the heights (drinking obviously). Then, we ventured to Christian’s Tailgate on White Oak where Jenni and a friend proceeded to karaoke. I wish I could share the video but I think she might kill me.

Jenni, Jennifer, Kat, Aliesha, Bern, Stephanie before Lights in the Heights

Merry Christmas, y’all. WHOOP! 

Jenn and Ariesha. 🙂 

From there, Kat wants to go to midtown, so me, Aliesha, and Steph agree to go too. Well, go figure, we run into Santa boy who just happens to work with Steph’s dad and is SUPER cool by the way. Saturday was calm compared to Friday, but Sunday morning was just as interesting. How we get ourselves into the situations we do, I just don’t know…We wake up, Kat’s new friend is at the house. He calls his MOM tells her he SHACKED and his mom says to send her a pic. (Seriously, we couldn’t believe what was happening either). Once again, me, Steph, and Aliesha take one for the team. Except, we were in matching Christmas jammies for the party :). Why not Kat you ask? Well I won’t post the pics of her super stylish outfit choice!!! Well Kat didn’t have a car and neither did her friend. So, we load up on our way to the Christmas jammie brunch. On our way, we start singing Oh Tonight by Josh Abbott Band. Friend included. Stephanie’s car has ONE door that is child locked. Well, of course, he sat there so I had to get out and let him escape. This was just so funny, literally.

On to the jammie brunch…we went there in our jammies. Open the door and what do we see? NORMAL clothes. You know that scene from Legally Blonde where she wears a costume to a not costume party? Yeah, that’s what it felt like. We stuck out like sore thumbs from the attorneys, but had fun by ourselves 🙂

     Jenni + Jennifer = jennsquared                                                                 

HO! HO! HO! Jennifer, Aliesha, Stephanie.

Leaving there, Aliesha, who’s dad owns David Brown’s Sports Center, decides she is going to fix the child lock. She kinda knows where the switch is, hits it. THEN THE DOOR WON’T CLOSE AT ALL. She messes with it, still nothing. So, she does what any logically person who breaks something does and does it to another door! Yup, now we have 2 doors that won’t close! Out comes the manual…and then we call Kayla, who works at an Audi dealership to see if she has any idea! FINALLY, she figures it out. All it took was pulling the door handle. 🙂

Aliesha and the broken doors.

We make it home, clean Stephanie’s house, and then I had to leave. 😦

I can’t even recall all of the random quotes that were said or hilarious things that were done (and maybe some I’m just leaving off because it’s best. hehe.). I think it’s safe to say we got an awesome ab workout from all of the laughter this weekend.

I hope you find besties like mine. Ones that you can look at and laugh because of something that happened a year ago, have inside jokes with for days, be brutally honest with, totally nonjudgmental, make fun of consistently, and get some AWESOME black mail on them. 🙂 And, we haven’t stopped group texting about this weekend yet. Sorry, KK.

Yes, gentlemen, we’re single (minus Kayla and Bern). But know if you pick one of us, you get all of us. 🙂

Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates, and guys are just people to have fun with. – Carrie Bradshaw

Soulmates 🙂 Jennifer, Steph, Aliesha, Bern, Jenni, Kat

Find your soul mates. Keep them close. Take them through life’s adventures with you. It’s much more fun that way. ❤ I love all of mine to death and can't imagine life without y'all.



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