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Do What Makes Your Heart Happy.

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Let me start with this. I didn’t create this blog to give unwanted advice or try to seem wise beyond my years. I created this blog to share my story, adventures and keep up with old friends. Stories of road trips, my dogs, my love of aggie football, my pinterest fails and successes (but more fails, really), and really any other shenanigans I think about.

This leads me to the point of this blog.

Recently, I have noticed the extreme amounts of “(some number) of things I learned by 25”, “lessons for dads of daughters”, “how to live life as a 20 year old”, “mistakes not to make”. blah. blah. blah. I will admit this honestly. I haven’t read one of them. I am so tired of being told how we are to live, what we are to do, how we are to do it, what the ideal man is, how to be successful, etc. And then, I had a friend post about it on Instagram and I IMMEDIATELY had the urge to write.

What happened to the days of “you live, you learn”? Thinking for yourself?! Come on people! Don’t we all have different personalities? I guarantee you I want different things in a “man” than 99% of the people reading this blog. Mistakes not to make? Don’t mistakes shape who you are? And all of these things these people are saying to do or not do. How’d they figure them out? Something had to happen, right? They lived THEIR life. Things that worked or didn’t work for them.

I’m 23. Have no (immediate or in the next 10 years) plans to get married. I’m fairly independent. I have a job that I’d consider a career. I thought life ended when my high school boyfriend broke up with me. I buried a piece of my heart the day I said goodbye to my Lexi. Never thought I’d love my Levi as much as I do. I’ve made less than good choices. I don’t think I have a clue what my “dream man” would be. I promise I think for myself and definitely have my own opinions. In no way, do I think I have life figured out enough to give ANYONE advice. If I had followed advice that was given to me, or learned from others’ mistakes, I definitely would not be the person I am today. That would mean no taking risks or chances, which means I wouldn’t have the career I have, etc.

My thoughts on what you should do? Live your own life. Think for yourself. Make mistakes. Actually, make as many mistakes as possible. Have your heartbroken. Or maybe be a crazy dog lady like me. Be late. Take too many shots. Don’t take any shots. Kiss too many boys. Stay out too late the night before a test or presentation. Don’t go out at all. Travel the world. Or maybe stay at home. Read. Write. Be crazy. Or be sane. Say what you think. Or don’t say anything. Give it your all. Or maybe you don’t. The list could literally go on for daaaaaaayyyyysss.

As the song “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves says “’cause you just get so many trips ’round the sun”. Remember that people. You have one life to live. One chance to get it right – whatever “right” may be for YOU, not some blogger in another state or country. It ends all too soon.

No harsh feelings toward the authors. I realize they were just writing their thoughts, just as I am, and didn’t ask to be made famous by the “share” button on Facebook. I feel more for the people who listen to them and read every. single. one. of them that gets posted on facebook, trying to figure out life through someone else’s eyes.

I know that the last post said I was trying to get better about posting pictures and here there are no pictures. All of my pictures of real “lessons learned”, “mistakes made”, “what to do”, and “what not to do” are probably not appropriate for a public blog of someone trying to become a respected professional 🙂 (head to my facebook 😉 )

Follow your heart. Maybe if your heart doesn’t say anything, listen to your gut. And, if you don’t have any gut feeling, well I hope you have best friends like mine who tell you the blantant, harsh truth. 🙂

Find what works for you and what doesn’t. Do what makes your heart happy. Even if it’s just for a millisecond.



One thought on “Do What Makes Your Heart Happy.

  1. I think you truly have cracked the code. I completely agree, no one knows how best to point you in YOUR own journey, but you and by constantly comparing yourself to others, as I'm afraid I've definitely done before, you aren't living your life anymore, you're attempting to emulate theirs. So do what makes YOU happy, and everything will fall into place exactly as it should. 🙂 Good read ma'am! Keep 'em coming!


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