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Goodbye to Aggie Football as We Know It…

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Goodbye to texas university. Goodbye to Mike Evans. Goodbye to Kyle Field. Goodbye to Johnny Football.

Maybe I’m a sap and get emotionally attached to everything even as much as I try to avoid it. Maybe I cry at EVERYTHING. That is my mother’s fault, not kidding. It’s likely I’ll end up on Hoarders one day. But, if between the groundbreaking ceremony, seniors running out for the last time, one last GORGEOUS sunset behind Kyle Field, Johnny cashing out a few last times during the endless last 1:30 on the clock, the Manziel/Hill hug, the fireworks at the end, the chanting of “ONE MORE YEAR!”, you didn’t get emotional, I think you’re lying.

(Sunset behind the Zone of Kyle Field) 

Saturday marked the end of an era. The end of Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football as we know it. And, to be honest, I’m totally not ready to accept it. I graduated in 2012. We weren’t great and we played a LOT of 11 a.m. games. I don’t like losing. I don’t like it being close games. I don’t like our defense playing like crap. I like to win and I like to win by a lot. And, I’m enjoying our current situation minus the defense.

The final time we stood and swayed in “the old” of Kyle Field definitely didn’t disappoint. President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush were there for the groundbreaking. That blocked punt turned safety by none other than the 12th Man. Ross Perot owned plane for the flyover co-captained by Governor Perry.  Trey Williams 103 yard run with a front flip only to have the touchdown taken back. Johnny making the most passing touchdowns in a season, 31. Did I mention we still have 2 games left?! The third largest crowd in Kyle Field history with 88,504 in attendance. And solidifying 700 wins for the Aggie Football program.

Now, back to that 103 yard run by Williams. WTF, refs?! It could not be more obvious that the entire officiating team of the SEC despises TAMU. If I sprint 103 yards, they better hope like heck all I do is flip!!

It was also the last tailgate of the year. 😦 I love tailgating. I get to spend the WHOLE weekend with my best friends – most of whom I met at A&M and live in Houston. (I don’t live in Houston…) And then of course, those Northgate nights. So far, we have yet to win Northgate. Evidently, we aren’t young and bulletproof anymore. Who knew that happened?!

(me and 2 of my best friends)

One happy thing happened, though. My precious, precious neice, Penny, had pictures taken. Obviously, since her name is Penny and her mom, mawmaw, and favorite aunt (me, duh) are Aggies, she NEEDED a picture on Sully! “Put a penny on Sully” get it?! I can actually claim that idea 🙂 I highly suggest anyone looking for pictures around the College Station area use Photography by Mollie Paige. The pictures could not be any more precious! Thank you so much again, Mollie!

Hopefully, we’ll say hello to another Heisman. Thanks, Winston, well TMZ and everywhere else except ESPN, for your timely release of the investigation. Hello to a (partly) new stadium. Hello to Kenny Hill.

I hope I’m completely wrong, because a lot of peoples dreams would come true with just one more year, but I think I need to start accepting change…sigh.

Until next year. BTHO LSU. BTHO Mizzou. BTHO one time Heisman winners. Go Johnny Go. Gig ’em.


P.S. I’m attempting to make my blog more interesting by putting pictures and links and whatnot. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. 


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