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To the guy in Section 505.

I am going to start by prefacing this post with a couple of things about me. I’m 23. Part of the generation with little social skills because we’re so wrapped up in technology. Typically known for being rude and lazy professionals. The reason customer service is disappearing by the hour. While I disagree with all of that, I do think we contribute. I have an opinion. If you always think 23 year olds are wrong and need to learn more before they have an opinion, stop reading HERE. I’m a 2nd generation Aggie. My mom ’83 and sister ’09. We have season tickets and attend every single game. I’ve been on two road trips since we joined the SEC – Ole Miss and Arkansas. I’ve experienced the famous LSU fan base at its finest, or maybe rudest. My heart sinks when Johnny gets hurt. I’m dreading this years draft because I hate seeing him and Evans move on, even though I am extremely excited for them. I live for Good Bull Hunting and any other articles about my Aggies. I’ve read all of the articles saying how amazing Aggies are when we play host. I get excited every time I read one of those stories. But on to the real story…

Congratulations! You are THAT guy. The guy who annoys everyone in the surrounding two sections. The embarrassment to A&M. The one person who has the potential to give us the reputation of a rude fan base. Luckily, there are more that are opposite of you than like you. All season long you have yelled at opponents fans. Not in the spirit of the game, but more a lack of respect. Respect to your school. Respect to all of those around you. Respect to yourself. Things that have nothing to do with the game. Things like “sit down, Auburn girl”. Your behavior finally led to another Aggie spectator going to get our sections greeter. Granted, the Auburn girl a few rows in front of me was annoying. And no one was excited about the performance our defense gave. But guess what? Her team was doing good and she was cheering. Just as the other 80,000 Aggies do when Johnny throws deep to Evans who is covered by 2 defenders and he comes down with the ball. Just as I did last year, when A&M made a 4th quarter come back at Ole Miss as I sat in the freezing rain without a poncho. Just as I did as I sat in the Arkansas section this year again in the rain and then a cold front. I’d never expect to be yelled at when I’m yelling because the Ags did something worth cheering for. Not only did you have to be talked to by the greeter, but then you continued on. And, finally, everyone got tired of you. You almost got into a fight with the ENTIRE section. And, I’m not kidding. One guy yelled something along the lines of “the entire section is about to kick your …. (you know the last word).” I mean, really? Thanks for the entertainment though. This time the section greeter, a nice police officer, and then the supervisor had to come.¬†After the cops came, you finally began to behave. I’m just sad for you that it took a cop coming.

And, to the girl defending him. You are correct. He never said any profanity. But it still was rude and disrespectful – nothing to be proud of.

I’m just as proud of an Aggie as you are. I can’t wait to BTHO whoever we play. I yell loud. I stand a lot. But whenever an opponents team does something good, I hope they yell loud. Loud enough to attempt to be louder than 80K plus Aggies following our Yell Leaders.

To the visiting team, I hope you have this kind of experience. Because really, we are the greatest of the greatest. The Auburn fans could not have been any nicer either. They were eager to learn about our traditions and told us “good game” after a dreaded loss. I hope next year my road trip includes a stop in Auburn, Alabama.

War Eagle. Geaux Tigers. Roll Tide. Hail State. Woo Pig. Hotty Toddy. Most importantly, gig ’em!




Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!


Time SERIOUSLY flies when you’re having fun! I started this blog two and a half years ago when I moved to Austin to be a legislative intern in the Texas House of Representatives. I thought it would be a fun way for friends and family to keep up with me and what I was doing. I had no idea what I was getting into, but let me tell you, taking that leap of faith was the best thing I could have ever done! I found a love of policymaking that I never would have discovered! This is partially due to the amazing office I worked with – Representative and Mrs. Chisum, Cristen, Reshma, and Trevor.

Now, for a short run down of what has happened in the past 2 years of my life.

Finished session. Moved back to College Station. Levi abandoned me for my mom, dad, 15 acres, Dooney, and Lexi. Quit one student worker job. Got a new student worker job. Lived alone for 8 months. My Aggies joined the SEC! WHOOP! Made a best friend. Paid my own bills. Considered law school. Cooked a lot of boring dinners. Became addicted to Pinterest. Worked out. Went to my first and only ChiliFest. Graduated from the best university on Earth, Texas A&M. Threw out the thought of going to law school. Moved BACK to Austin with my AMAZING aunt and uncle. Said my final goodbye to my beloved Lexi. Started working at Bouquets of Austin. Starting part-time with Sander Resources. Got a new personal trainer. Lost some weight. Was a bridesmaid for the first time! Attended a lot of Fightin’ Texas Aggie SEC Football Tailgates. Road tripped to Oxford, Mississippi for the Fightin’ Texas Aggie v. Ole Miss football game. Made more best friends. Made new friends in Austin. ¬†Welcomed Pugsleigh into the family. Celebrated New Years in Las Vegas with the best friends anybody could dream of. Was hired by Cristen to be Representative Craig Goldman’s Legislative Director. Stopped working at Bouquets and Sander Resources. Started the legislative session. Went to my first George Strait concert. Stopped working out. Gained all the lost weight and some back. Worked a lot, slept a little. Ended another extremely awesome legislative session. Went to my very first friend’s wedding. Starting working full time at Sander Resources. Attended my first Ke$ha and Pit Bull Concert. Went to Maui. Amazing, can’t wait to go back. Travelled for work. Went to all the A&M games, including v. BAMA! Road tripped to the A&M v. Arkansas game. Went back to my county fair. Watched three friends bury parents too early. Got a new trainer. Tried to keep up with friends. Probably failed. Made bad/poor decisions. Made good decisions.

I’d love to post about recipes I try. Workout progress and struggles. God willing, there is any. Vacations. Pictures. Friends. Family. Dogs. General life lessons learned by a 23 year old with an endless imagination.

If there is anything you want to hear about, feel free to let me. I’m USUALLY willing to try anything once.

All in all, it’s been amazing. Here I am. I love this life I live. I love the people I live it with. I hope I can keep up with this blog thing better.