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WEEKS 4 & 5: 106 Days to go…

Finally! PRETTY Weather! And SUNSHINE! And temperatures ABOVE freezing! What a treat, right?! Definitely shouldn’t be that way in Texas! Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather. I just hope it’s around to stay for a while! I’m glad to know all of you weathered the snow storm. It took me two weeks to write because 1. it has been really slow at work and I haven’t had much to write about and 2. I went home last weekend since we had a three day weekend.

Up until this week, work has been pretty quiet. We didn’t have any committees yet, so everyone was just waiting around. This week changed it all. Committees were announced Wednesday and our office hasn’t been the same since. It’s kind of strange because I feel like it has made our office quieter.

The fun has officially begun and my life as I knew it is gone 🙂

I have finally gotten my camera back (which I thought I lost or got taken out of my truck 2 weekends ago) from my co-worker and have uploaded pictures. There are pictures from Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s inaugurations as well as the Fort Hood day. Enjoy.

Next weekend I’m heading back to College Station for Stephanie’s birthday activities! 🙂 but for now I’m going to read up on environmental regulation laws.

peace, love, and now it’s time to work 🙂