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WEEKS 2 AND 3: Dedicated to Sarah Birdwell :)

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So, yes, I do realize that I have been slacking and it has been two weeks since I’ve posted!! The reason this post is dedicated to my sweet Sarah, is because she is the one who told me I need to post to keep her entertained at work!!

SOOOOOOO much has happened in the past 2 weeks that I have to post about!

First, on Tuesday, January 18, I had the extreme honor of attending Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s inauguration ceremony! It was so amazing! I got to hear the FIGHTIN’ Texas Aggie Band, sing the War Hymn on the Capitol steps, hear Governor Perry WHOOP! while the cannon shot off (unfortunately, not the Aggie Cannon), see the Ross Volunteers, and listen to their inaugural addresses. Oh, not to mention, the stage was decked out in maroon! 🙂

That Saturday, I went home to Aggieland to watch the Men’s Basketball team BTHO Kansas State. I got a tour of campus from Cristen, my Chief of Staff, who is a former student. I also went to Bonfire Memorial for the first time! I know, that’s awful. 😦 We went to Wing’s and then went to the game and had an awesome time. I forget how cool the basketball games are!

The past week was pretty slow in the office but we went out of the week with a BANG, literally. Part of the legislative experience is attending all of the different events. On Friday, we traveled to Fort Hood to go experience the military life and training. The day started off by getting acquainted with everything that Fort Hood offers to the Killeen and Texas economy. Afterwards, we actually went on Fort Hood and participated in some of the training exercises the Army actually uses! The first thing my group did was fly on the Blackhawk helicopters!!! We got to view Fort Hood from the air, and see how big it really is! I had NO IDEA how big Fort Hood really is! It is like it’s own little city in the front and the back is where all of the training occurs. The Blackhawks then dropped us off in an Iraqi village. Literally. The Army has created a village that is exactly like an Iraqi village and has hired actors to portray the people. They did an exercise for us and were actually shooting bullets and “bombs” really went off. It was so neat to see what actually happens overseas. We then got to interact with the soldiers and actors. From there, we flew back to the main part of the Fort Hood and had lunch with soldiers. It was really neat to hear all of their stories throughout the day. After lunch, we did more training exercises. We shot a lot of simulated guns, the guns they actually use to train, got to do some driving of humvees and we even got to drive tanks! Fake, simulated ones of course, but it was still so so awesome! I am AWFUL at driving humvees, by the way. It was amazing to me at how “ok” they are with being deployed.One soldier that was assisting us in the tank simulation was being deployed in 8 days and didn’t even seem worried! I have a new, so so so so so so so much greater appreciation for the military, the soldiers, and their families. So thank you to all of my friends who are soldiers, military wives and family. I know I cannot name you all but a few of them are Jeff Johnson, David Alvarez, Stephen Peterson and Fiancee Laura Benton,and Drew, Danielle, and Naomi Curtice. I really cannot thank you all enough.

Saturday, was my day to relax and catch up on sleep. 🙂 I got up around 8 and just moved downstairs to the couch 🙂 I got sucked in to watching Hope Floats. I believe that was the first time I have watched it from beginning to end. What a great movie!! After that I got up and attempted to go on a jog with Murphy, my aunt and uncles yellow Lab. Lets just say he isn’t quite a jogger!! We ended up walking most of it or I was dragging him along! When we left, I noticed my back passenger side door wasn’t closed all the way and thought that it was strange but then thought nothing else of it. When we got back from the “jog”, I needed to fun some errands so I went to go get in my truck and noticed my drivers door wasn’t closed all the way and thought that was EXTREMELY strange because I always close my doors all the way. I opened the door and my console was open. I knew that I hadn’t been in there so something was wrong. I looked in my back seat and a roadside travel bag my mom had gotten me was scattered all in my backseat. From there, I knew that someone had been in my truck. Fortunately, there was nothing in my truck for them to take and they didn’t. My aunt said that they have had some reports of this happening and that their police don’t really do anything about it if nothing has been taken. So, that was that. I will NEVER forget to lock my truck and will be parking in the driveway from now on. Later that day I went on my SECOND run, this time a real run, of the day!! WOO HOO!! GO me! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Austin has the WORST allergies EVERRRR!!! And after my two runs yesterday, they attacked in full force last night! I woke up with a sore throat, headache, runny nose, you know all of those symptoms!!! Needless to say, I won’t be running today.

When I get back to College Station, Sarah Birdwell and I, have decided that we are going to run a 5k and then train for a half marathon! Hopefully, we will actually stick to it this time!! 🙂

So, now that I have blown off doing my scholarship, I MUST do it now!

Hope all of you have a fabulous week and hopefully I won’t slack off on my blogging duties.

peace, love, and happy legislative session!


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