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WEEK 2: 136 days to go…

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As many of you probably know, Tuesday 1/11/11, kicked off the first day of the 82 Legislative Session! I finally got to meet Representative Chisum, aka my boss, and he is so so so nice. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better office to work for! This week was not too busy, so I don’t have too much to post about. Good news, I didn’t get lost finding my truck at all this week 🙂 I’m still very much in the learning process and anticipate that I’ll learn almost everything just in time to complete my internship!

It’s funny to me to realize how much of a 180 my life took with this internship! I read CNN, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post instead of People and the likes. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and go to bed at 9 p.m., when it used to be the other way around! I drive an hour to work instead of 10 minutes. It’s a special occaision that I’m wearing a t-shirt, not that I’m dressed up. I work 12 hours and sleep 8 (maybe), instead of working 8 and sleeping 12. I definitely miss my sleep so I pretty much sleep all weekend. I’m adapting pretty well to the new schedule, thankfully, though!

I was really starting to miss my dogs but I got to come home this weekend and visit them!!! And my parents, grandma and sister. The thing I just love about dogs is that they are ALWAYS happy to see you! I also got to have lunch with Stephanie who said she would keep me updated with everything that happens in College Station this semester!! 🙂

I can’t believe I’ve already been working 2 weeks! If time keeps going this fast, I’ll be done before I know it!!

Hope you all have had a good week! ❤


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