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WEEK ONE: Lessons of a Legislative Intern.

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It’s ALMOST safe to say I have learned just about everything I need to know to survive in Austin in my first week. I learned many lessons and a few times was “that girl”, “the new intern”. Here are a few lessons I learned and experienced my first week at work in the Capitol. And one experience, I learned a LOT of lessons from. I’ll start with that one 🙂 

After a VERY good first day at work, I was getting ready to leave about 5:30. I knew exactly where I was parked. 12th and San Jacinto. Well, when I walked out of the Capitol I thought, key word thought, I knew where I was going. I walked out, got to 12th street, started walking towards what I thought was my parking garage, and realized after about 2 or 3 blocks that I was NOT going the right direction. I got my map out, that I had just gotten because I got a new parking permit, and realized I was at the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of where I needed to be! In Austin, there are numbered streets that run one way and the other streets are the names of Texas rivers. What they forget to tell you, is that 12th, 13th and 14th streets literally go through the middle of the Capitol. So instead of being able to just go down 12th street the opposite way, I had to go to 3 blocks to 15th street, walk probably 8 blocks or so to San Jacinto, then go BACK to 12th street. When I got to 15th and San Jacinto, I thought oh ok, I’ll just keep walking and I’ll end up at my garage. Wrong, took the wrong road again! I kept walking down 15th instead of San Jacinto. So, I turned down Trinity, which runs on the other side of my garage and then basically zig-zagged until I got to my garage. It took me 45 MINUTES TO FIND MY TRUCK!!! So, of course, I looked cute on my first day and wore heels. Well, when I got dressed that morning I was looking for my “business” heels that are not so tall and wayyyy more comfortable than my boots. Well, my lovely mother, thought they were hers while we were in Waller and put them in her closet and they did not make the trip to Austin! So I had to wear my super tall boots (that I already don’t like because they are SUPER painful) because they were the only other appropriate shoes I had. As I’m walking around lost, my feet are hurting SO bad and I ended up taking off my shoes. When I got home, I had a blister bigger than a quarter on the ball of my foot!! I was soooo not happy! I finally got on the road and made it home and slept VERY well that night!


  • The Capitol mirrors itself. You WILL get lost.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS bring a pair of flat shoes to walk to and from your vehicle in.
  • Check, Double Check, and Check Again to make sure you have EVERYTHING that you’ll need!!
  • I’m really not supposed to live in the city. I was definitely made country for a reason!

As many of you know, I try really hard to work out and eat healthy to watch my weight. My aunt and uncle that have so graciously let me live with them, have started to cook (yes, this is different for the two of them) and I have tried to make good choices at lunch. My uncle does Crossfit and I’m hoping to join him as much as my work schedule will allow. I went for the first time and really liked it! It was much different than the workout that I’m used to but it went well. I will realize how much I’m eating!! After all of this, I didn’t really feel bigger or like I had gained weight. Well, I had my first reality check when I put my jeans on. ONE WEEK in, they are ALREADY feeling tighter!! I was a bit discouraged by this but have just decided I need to make really good food choices and, when possible, work out.

My other big reality check is traffic. I hate it. It’s everywhere. It takes me an hour to get home! Definitely not used to that. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll get used to it! Also, Capitol food is EXPENSIVE! I’m going to have to take my lunch or something because I definitely do not want to pay $8-$10 a day for lunch!

I’m really starting to miss my dogs! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great new year! Miss you all.


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